Friday, January 24, 2020

Lordy, they have tapes of Trump

‘Take her out’: recording appears to capture Trump at private dinner saying he wants Ukraine ambassador fired
A recording reviewed by ABC News appears to capture President Donald Trump telling associates he wanted the then U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch fired – and speaking at a small gathering that included Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman -- two former business associates of Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani who have since been indicted in New York.

Trump could shoot someone in the senate and still get acquitted 53-47. unless he shot a republican, then it would be 52-47.- mith tweet

The World Is A Safer Place Without Saddam Trump

Caligula once warned his Senators that their heads would end up on pikes. Then he was assassinated and the Senate immediately ordered the destruction of his statues in hopes of eradicating him from Rome's history. - Scott Linnen

The Effects Of the Soleimani Assassination
Hundreds of thousands of protesters marched through Baghdad on Friday calling for US troops to leave Iraq, heeding the call of powerful Shia cleric Muqtada al-Sadr who called for a "Million Man March."

Let's hear it for the United States Senate Republicans, or as I call them: the good old U.S.S.R. - Bette Midler

Republican Shenanigans

Republicans are wastin' a perfectly good impeachment.  It's an awesome opportunity to kick Trump out of office before he destroys their party.  He'd would be immediately disgraced and indicted for his other crimes and they would not longer have to live in fear of him. - Tea Pain

Kavanaugh Whines About Imaginary Catholic Bigotry
Well, the 2019 “War on Christmas” is over, so it’s time for the January 2020 version of disingenuous claims of religious persecution.  Supreme Court Justices Samuel Alito and Brett Kavanaugh are here to deliver....Kavanaugh: No Tax Break for Religious Scholarships Is ‘Grotesque Religious Bigotry Against Catholics’

The impeachment case isn't about sexual assault, but for women and survivors, it's horrifying to see Alan Dershowitz, Ken Starr, Jim Jordan, and Trump congeal together to protect each other. - Full Frontal tweet

Meanwhile, Immigrant Kids Are Facing Pure Hell Daily
Immigrant Kids Were Restrained to Chairs With Bags Over Their Heads at a Juvenile Hall in Virginia
The purpose of their detention, a group of district attorneys argues, should be “protect them from harm, not to punish them.”


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Rock The Voter News

Moscow Mitch, Midnight doesn’t matter what you call Mitch McConnell, as long as you’re calling to let him know there’s a new deposit in his offshore bank account! - Bette Midler

Schumer Calls Out Republicans on Hunter Biden: They Have the Votes to Call Him To Testify
Senate Minority Leader and Democratic New York Senator Chuck Schumer dared Republicans to call Hunter Biden — son of former Vice President Joe Biden and a central figure in the alleged scheme to extort political help from the Ukrainian government — as a witness in the Senate impeachment trial, pointing out that the GOP “have 53 votes,” and adding that to do so would expose their defense of President Donald Trump as purely political.

The argument that impeachment is an effort to overturn the 2016 election is ridiculous on the face of it. Look at the calendar, dudes. - Stephen King


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Business/Tech News

One positive side of this whole impeachment mess - we get to see how big CNN can make their homepage font. - Conan O'Brien

EPA: No Clean Water For You!
The Environmental Protection Agency is dramatically reducing federal pollution protections for rivers, streams and wetlands – a move welcomed by many farmers, builders and mining companies but opposed even by the agency's own science advisers.


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Odd News

Time To Deflate Photo

The atmosphere of Pluto is mainly methane with a pinch of nitrogen and carbon monoxide layered over ice rock. Not on my bucket list.


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