Thursday, December 12, 2019

Judiciary Committee clashes over impeachment ahead of vote to send articles to the floor

Judiciary Committee clashes over impeachment ahead of vote to send articles to the floor
The House Judiciary Committee on Thursday is taking a major step forward to impeaching President Donald Trump as it works to approve the articles of impeachment and send them to the House floor for a full chamber vote expected next week.

The FBI is lying. The IG is lying. The Ambassador is lying. The NSC is lying. The advisor to VP Pence is lying. The Special Prosecutor was lying. The women were lying. The guy saying he already built a border wall and posting his head on Sly Stallone's body is telling the truth? - Jeremy Newberger

The World Is A Safer Place Without Saddam Trump

I literally wouldn't feel safe living in this country if Trump were to win reelection. - Tony Schwartz

Russia's Only Aircraft Carrier Is Burning. I Hope Trump Doesn't Give Them One of Ours.
Crews at Russia's only aircraft carrier are battling a fire that broke out during repair work in the Arctic Sea port of Murmansk, state news agencies report 

Trump brought in Pam Bondi to help him come up with an impeachment strategy and they apparently settled on “make fun of a teenager.” - Adam Parkhomenko

Republican Shenanigans

Patiently waiting for Melania to condemn those who are bullying a teenager with Aspergers. - Nick Jack Pappas

This Makes Me Sick and Angry!
Don Jr. reportedly killed a rare, endangered sheep on a summer hunting trip to Mongolia, and the government there retroactively OK’d it.. Donald Trump, Jr. used a seven-day hunting trip to Mongolia he purchased during a National Rifle Association charity auction.

Jim Jordan: "63 million people voted for this guy!"

Sane brains: "66 million people voted against him." - Tea Pain


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Hillary Is So Polite and Thoughtful
Hillary Clinton on Thursday tweeted a link to a website with information and arguments in support of impeaching President Trump, urging her followers to spread the information to friends and family.

The GOP is tryin' to use Trump's impeachment to remove Barack Obama from office. - Tea Pain


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I’m pretty sure that now they’re just building the wall to keep us in. - Molly Jong-Fast

Tariffs Are Sucking Americans Dry
As the U.S. and China continue negotiations over a trade deal, the damage continues across many areas of the country. 
Since the trade war commenced in February 2018, Americans have paid an additional $42 billion, according to a new analysis from Tariffs Hurt the Heartland (THH). And just in October 2019, the trade war cost Americans $7.2 billion through tariffs, which is a $1 billion increase from October 2018. 

During the holiday season it’s always heartwarming to remember that Trump steals from charities.  - Larry Charles


A Fall Fundraiser
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Never happened to me.

Odd News

Time To Deflate Photo
It's been a crazy day so here are some surfing penguins.


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