Monday, November 4, 2019

The Ongoing Saga of Trump's Obstruction of Justice.

4 White House officials slated for depositions in impeachment inquiry not expected to show up
Four White House officials slated for closed-door depositions Monday are not expected to show up on Capitol Hill despite the threat of subpoena from the committees leading the growing impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump related to Ukraine...House Democrats have a packed schedule this week as depositions continue behind closed doors.

a recap: 
Trump is a genius but you can't see his grades 
Trump is healthy but you can't see his medical report 
Trump is rich but you can't see his tax returns 
Trump is innocent but you can't see the unedited transcript 
Trump is honest but you can't question the White House lawyers. - Jeff Tiedrich

The World Is A Safer Place Without Saddam Trump

Raking leaves is as effective at combating the climate crisis as your phone’s spellcheck is at fixing your tweets. Gavin Newsom is doing his job. Maybe you should try it. - Sen. Kamala Harris

Trump Asked UK Intelligence to Discredit US Intelligence. Whaaaat?
‘It’s like nothing we have come across before’: UK intelligence officials shaken by Trump administration’s requests for help with counter-impeachment inquiry.
As impeachment inquiries heat up, president’s people are busy pursuing a counter offensive aimed at discrediting Mueller’s findings that Russia interfered in 2016 election

Trump gets note from podiatrist exempting him from impeachment. - Andy Borowitz

Trump Says Quid Pro Quo Is Okey Dokey!
While President Trump continues to insist he did not demand a quid pro quo from the president of Ukraine — military and political support in exchange for an investigation of former Vice President Joe Biden and his son — on Sunday he appeared to be trying out a subtly different defense: If there was a quid pro quo, there was nothing wrong with it.

Still, impeaching Donald Trump should be strictly Plan B.

Plan A should be federal agents dragging him kicking and screaming out of the White House in handcuffs before a two-hour perp walk down Pennsylvania Avenue in the rain. - Middle Age Riot

Republican Shenanigans

Whistleblower Offers To Answer Republicans’ Questions In Exchange For Them Answering How They Can Sleep At Night - Andy Borowitz

A Scary Result of Trump's Hatred of Latino Immigrants
A Milwaukee man was left with second-degree burns over the weekend after someone threw battery acid in his face and accused him of being in the country illegally.
Mahud Villalaz, 42, said a man doused him with the chemical during an argument on Friday over how he parked his vehicle. A surveillance camera captured the scary encounter on video...

Kavanaugh is going to need a lot of beers before ruling on Trump’s taxes. - Roland Scahill


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Bernie Sanders is like if a regular old senator got bit by a radioactive hippie. - Conan O'Brien

Rock The Voter News

Is anyone surprised that all it takes is a $100 saw to breach Trump’s wall? This whole exercise was a stunt and a sham from the beginning. The only thing the wall has succeeded in doing is tarnishing the image of our nation in the eyes of the world. - Joe Biden

People, Start Your Engines. Race to Read the Transcripts!
Declaring American voters should “see for themselves” the evidence in the impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump, House Democrats on Monday released hundreds of pages of transcripts from closed-door depositions of Marie Yovanovitch, former U.S. ambassador to Ukraine and Michael McKinley, former senior adviser to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

Next week Trump will go to ‘Sesame Street Live’ and be mercilessly booed by preschoolers. - Roland Scahill


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Business/Tech News

What are the odds Trump shuts down the government in order to prevent the IRS from turning over his tax returns to New York? - Stonekettle

Facebook Defends Inhaling Ad Money From Liars
A controversial policy allowing politicians to run false ads on Facebook will extend to the United Kingdom as the country prepares to vote in a historic December election, Facebook confirmed to CNN Business.
The policy is being championed by Facebook executive Nick Clegg, the former deputy prime minister of the United Kingdom who himself once complained about "lies" spread during the 2016 Brexit referendum.

Dear “American Christian”: 
Christ is not American.Christ didn’t say “Love America.”Christ said “Love your neighbor.”The Christ-view of neighbor is global and comprehensive.Christ-Love is without walls and beyond borders. 
There’s a more humane way. 
Let’s travel it.
- Bernice King


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Time To Deflate Photo

Bronze Sculpture of King Arthur Stands Atop The Tintagel Cliffs in Cornwall, UK.
Sculptor Rubin Eynon


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