Thursday, October 10, 2019

Turkey Contradicts Trump on Custody of Jihadists Jailed in Syria

Turkey Contradicts Trump on Custody of Jihadists Jailed in Syria
Turkey will take custody of Islamic State prisoners only in areas of northern Syria where Turkish troops are trying to create a buffer, Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said on Thursday, contradicting a key claim made by President Donald Trump.

 In the end, Trump may be defeated by his greatest weakness. His Achilles’ mouth. - Stephan Colbert

The World Is A Safer Place Without Saddam Trump

Kurds Tell Trump They Did Not Help US in WW2 Due To Bone Spurs  - Andy Borowitz

You know the world is f-cked up when you start to wonder if genocide could be prevented if the president of the United States owned a hotel in Kurdistan. - Elle De Sylva

Is The Consigliere Implicated?
Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman, who helped Giuliani pursue an investigation into the Bidens in Ukraine, were arrested late Wednesday on criminal charges of violating campaign finance rules.

Trump said he's 'obliterated' Turkey before, and I believe him. He's a dangerous man at a Thanksgiving buffet. - Stephen Colbert

Republican Shenanigans

Trump is currently at the flush-the-meth-down-the-toilet phase of his Presidency. - Andy Borowitz

Our US Troops Are Trump's Pawns
I just spoke to a distraught US Special Forces soldier who is among the 1000 or so US troops in Syria tonight who is serving alongside the SDF Kurdish forces. It was one of the hardest phone calls I have ever taken
“I am ashamed for the first time in my career.”

I appreciate Lindsey Graham's ardent desire to protect Kurdish democracy, but I wish he felt as strongly about American democracy. - Andy Borowitz


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Of course, in Australia, Trump goes down the drain in the other direction. - Stephen Colbert

Rock The Voter News

Rudy's partners: arrested 
Cohen: 3 yrs in prison  
Manafort: 4 yrs in prison 
Stone: in deep sh-t 
Flynn: awaiting sentencing 
Congressman-1: so f-cked 
Individual-1: facing impeachment

Hillary: enjoying a nice walk in the woods, probably

Me: laughing at all you "lock her up" morons. - Jeff Tiedrich

Most Americans Want Trump Impeached
An increasing number of Americans are in favor of seeing President Donald Trump both impeached and removed from office, with five polls in recent days showing a majority of people supporting the ongoing impeachment inquiry.
The most recent poll, from Fox News, showed that 51 percent of respondents wanted to see Trump impeached and removed from office, with a further 4 percent believing the president should be impeached but not removed from office.

Happy birthday, Jimmy Carter! If you ever feel like trying that second term, there might be an opening soon. - Stephen Colbert


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Business/Tech News

I’m beginning to think Child Protective Services needs to assess whether Barron is in an appropriate environment for a teen since it appears Donald Trump and his family choose to associate with so many criminals. - Col. Morris Davis

The Walrus is Going After the Egg Man
President Trump's former national security adviser John Bolton has decided to write a book about his time in the Trump administration, according to 2 people familiar with the matter. Bolton has agreed to be represented by Javelin's Matt Latimer and Keith Urbahn.

I aspire to be like the planet and get hotter and hotter until I die. - Sarah Beattie



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Time To Deflate Photo
Leaping Lamb, New Zealand. I award 10 points for perfect form.


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