Monday, June 24, 2019

Doctor compares conditions for unaccompanied children at immigrant holding centers to 'torture facilities'

Doctor compares conditions for unaccompanied children at immigrant holding centers to 'torture facilities'
From sleeping on concrete floors with the lights on 24 hours a day to no access to soap or basic hygiene, migrant children in at least two U.S. Customs and Border Protection facilities face conditions one doctor described as comparable to "torture facilities."

Hey Donald J. Trump, since you called off the airstrikes out of concern for human life, that means you'll stop imprisoning toddlers at the border, right? #youfucker - Andy Borowitz

The World Is A Safer Place Without Saddam Trump

Oregon Republican Lawmakers Found Hiding In Nineteenth Century - Andy Borowitz

Pompeo Meets With Prince Bone Saw
US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo met Monday with Saudi Arabia's rulers as he sought to coordinate with allies over soaring tensions with Iran.
On a day trip scheduled after Iran shot down a US drone, Pompeo flew into the Red Sea city of Jeddah and met with King Salman at his palace.

GOP: Socialism! 
GOP: Death Tax! 
GOP: Death Panels! 
GOP: Chain Migration! 
Democrats: “Concentration camps” 


Republican Shenanigans

Stop saying this is not who “we” are. This is as American as apple pie. See: Native American slaughters, slavery, internment camps, Jim Crow, prisons, vigilante law enforcement, etc. The red in our flag is soiled with blood, the blue with tears, & all against a white backdrop. - Tiffany Cross

Trump and his Slovene-born escort spent years calling for Obama’s birth certificate. I want to see Melania’s legal immigration papers. How the hell did she qualify for an “Einstein Visa”, reserved for extraordinary ability? Can we please deport her already? Asking for America. - Andrea Junker

It’s time for all living former Presidents to come together, hold a press conference, and state their unequivocal support for immediate impeachment hearings. - Bryce Tache


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It's telling when the largest manufacturer of election equipment is calling on Congress to require paper ballots. We have a bill right now in the Senate to mandate hand-marked paper ballots in all federal elections - let's get it done. - Kamala Harris

Rock The Voter News

Joe Biden touching a woman on the shoulder got more coverage then a credible rape accusation against the president.- Janet Johnson tweet

Would You Ride On Trump's Ferris Wheel?
President Donald Trump is bringing a Ferris wheel back to the White House.
The carnival attraction will be among the featured offerings at the administration’s second congressional picnic on the South Lawn of the White House on Friday evening, where the president and first lady Melania Trump will entertain members of Congress and their families.

A reminder that Hillary Clinton began her lifelong career of service at the Children’s Defense Fund.

Then as First Lady she fought to give kids healthcare.

As a Senator she gave it to them.

Then as a Secretary of State she visited 112 countries championing children everywhere.

We can help these children get the help they deserve. And we can send a message to the administration that we won't stand for this. We just won’t. #CloseTheCamps - Hillary Clinton tweet


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When senators asked #HopeHicks if she’d read the Mueller Report, she replied, “I *lived* the Mueller Report.” No, hon, WE lived the Mueller Report. You lived a longer-than-usual episode of The Apprentice. - Bette Midler

Goodbye Gulf of Mexico
A Gulf of Mexico oil spill that began in 2004 is releasing far more oil than the well owner claims, according to a federal study released Monday.
The report, by two scientists at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and a Florida State University professor, found that up to 108 barrels per day — more than 4,500 gallons — flow from the site of the nearly 15-year-long spill, which was triggered by Hurricane Ivan.

When we were put into internment camps, no one stood up to say it was wrong. We felt alone. Abandoned. Forgotten. That was perhaps the hardest part of our imprisonment. Don’t let today’s migrant children suffer that. Stand up for them. Call your Representative: (202) 224-3121 - George Takei


Is anyone out there?


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Time To Deflate Photo
Yellowstone National Park where the buffalo roam. Or are those bison? I can never tell!


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