Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Trump overseeing 'near-systematic purge' at Department of Homeland Security

Trump overseeing 'near-systematic purge' at Department of Homeland Security
President Donald Trump is cleaning house in the Department of Homeland Security.
Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen and Secret Service Director Randolph "Tex" Alles have been ousted, and at least two officials have been named as possibly heading out the door: US Citizenship and Immigration Services director Francis Cissna and Office of the General Counsel's John Mitnick.

On this date in 1865 Gen. Robert E. Lee surrendered at Appomattox on what historians refer to as "You Can't Call Yourself American And Still Wave A Confederate Treason White Supremacist Flag Day." - John Fugelsang

The World Is A Safer Place Without Saddam Trump

Saudi Executioner Thinks He Pulled Something In Shoulder During Last 10 Decapitations - The Onion

Meanwhile, 3 U.S. Marines And A U.S. Contractor Were Killed
Three American service members and a U.S. contractor were killed when their convoy hit a roadside bomb on the outskirts of Bagram Airbase in Afghanistan...

On this day in 1865 the Civil War ended.
Many people seem to have not been notified of this. - TheTweetOfGod

Republican Shenanigans

Attorney General William Barr projects the kind of trustworthiness usually seen in veteran used-car salesman who are deeply concerned you're not opting for the undercoating. - Rex Huppke

Trump Demands William Barr Prove Loyalty By Putting Gun In Mouth. - The Onion

Sex, Drugs & Wine. I Wonder If There Was Rock & Roll.
A new report links California Republican Congressman Devin Nunes to a lawsuit concerning a Napa Winery’s San Francisco Bay cruise that allegedly featured prostitutes and cocaine. The link was made by a California newspaper Nunes recently described in extremely unflattering terms.

AG Barr said he “tried to include as much of the special counsel's language as I could” in his summary. 
CNN counted and found he used 101 of Mueller’s words from the 300-400 page report and that figure includes the title. - Jim Sciutto, CNN

Fired Trump Staffers Now Outnumber Inauguration Crowd - Andy Borowitz


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Rock The Voter News

A quick update on our national security leadership:  
Defense Secretary: Vacant. 
DHS Secretary: Vacant. 
UN Ambassador: Vacant. 
FEMA Director: Vacant. 
Secret Service Director: Vacant. 
ICE Director: Vacant. 
DHS Deputy: Vacant.  
President: Present, but unaccounted for. - Rep. Adam Schiff

What's Next? Is Trump Going To Move Immigrants To Guantanamo?
The White House is working on plans to make it harder for immigrants at the border to receive asylum by forcing them to do more to prove they have a credible fear of returning home and putting border agents in charge of the interview process, according to multiple senior administration officials.

John Kerry: “Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez  has in fact offered more leadership in one day or in one week than President Trump has in his lifetime on [climate]."


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Business/Tech News

Trump's lawyers are fighting the tax return request?! He's had TWO YEARS, not counting his time as a candidate. How long does it take to have your nephew Photoshop "ordinary loan from friend" over all your Russian payouts? - Bette Midler

No Need To Scream For Ice Cream Because It's Free Today At Ben & Jerrys!
Alert to ice cream lovers across the globe: There's free ice cream on Tuesday. Between 12 and 8 p.m., if there's a Ben & Jerry's store in sight, it'll be giving away free ice cream cones. Yes, we're talking all 600-plus stores in 38 countries

So the fattish man of paralyzing stupidity has fired all the heads of the agencies tasked with keeping US safe: DHS, FEMA, ICE, SECRET SERVICE, and Customs and Border Protection.  What if there’s another 9/11? Who do we get? Rudy Giuliani? - Bette Midler



Odd News

Time To Deflate Photo
Meet Edward Scissorwings. I'm glad I'm not that fish.


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