Thursday, April 11, 2019

Julian Assange Arrested After 7 Years Holed Up In Ecuadorian Embassy

WikiLeaks' Julian Assange has been arrested at the Ecuadorian Embassy
British police entered the Ecuadorian embassy in London Thursday, forcibly removing the WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange on ...

Trump 2016: “I love Wikileaks.”Trump 2019: “I know nothing about Wikileaks.”

Barr takes over, Mueller suddenly finishes.  Three weeks later Assange is arrested. The Mueller report is still not released yet.
Besides Assange’s personal hygiene, does any of that smell funny to you? - Tea Pain

Assange Predicted His Future

The World Is A Safer Place Without Saddam Trump

BREAKING: WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange was arrested in London and extradited to the United States to serve as Donald Trump's Secretary of Homeland Security. - Middle Age Riot

This Does Not Surprise Me One Iota
A man arrested in connection with fires at three historically black Louisiana churches is a law enforcement official's son, according to local reports.

Russia hacked for him 
Assange & Wikileaks leaked for him 
Newscorp shilled for him 
Comey kneecapped HRC for him 
Media nonstop promoted him 
And all along he told us it would be rigged.- John Fugelsang

George Washington Explains Why He Did Not Name Mt Vernon After Himself: 'I'm Not A Narcissistic Asshole' - Andy Borowitz

Republican Shenanigans

[kids are thrown in cages]
GOP: Not our fault. Blame their parents.
[kids are shot in school]
GOP: Nothing we can do.
[women want to have abortions]

There Is A Remote Possibility That Avenatti & Assange Might Be Cellmates!
Attorney Michael Avenatti has been charged in a 36-count federal indictment alleging he stole millions of dollars from clients, did not pay his taxes, committed bank fraud and lied in bankruptcy proceedings.

Michael Avenatti's big mistake was not being elected president soon. - Simon Maloy


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I never thought I’d find myself saying “That’s the dumbest goddamn thing I’ve ever heard” 53 times a day, but here we are. - Rex Huppke

Rock The Voter News

Anyone thinking about running for office — don’t let anyone tell you ‘no’. I eat ‘no’ for breakfast. - Kamala Harris

Is Obama's Former White House Counsel In Trouble?
Former White House counsel Greg Craig expects to be indicted within a matter of days, his attorneys said in a statement Wednesday..."This case was thoroughly investigated by the SDNY (Southern District of New York) and that office decided not to pursue charges against Mr. Craig," his attorneys said in a statement. "We expect an indictment by the DC US Attorney's Office at the request of the National Security Division. Mr. Craig is not guilty of any charge and the government's stubborn insistence on prosecuting Mr. Craig is a misguided abuse of prosecutorial discretion."


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Business/Tech News

Trump's lawyers are fighting the tax return request?! He's had TWO YEARS, not counting his time as a candidate. How long does it take to have your nephew Photoshop "ordinary loan from friend" over all your Russian payouts? - Bette Midler

Retired Pope Blames the 1960s For Pedophile Priests
Pope Benedict XVI has broken his silence in a rare essay on the sex abuse crisis in the Catholic Church, claiming that it was caused in part by the sexual revolution of the 1960s and the liberalization of the church's moral teaching



Odd News

Time To Deflate Photo
Silly me, I never thought of an African land snail as a pet. Still don't.


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