Thursday, March 7, 2019

U.S. officials made list of reporters, lawyers, activists to question at border

U.S. officials made list of reporters, lawyers, activists to question at border
Several people on the list told NBC News they were questioned at the border as part of what U.S. border agents called a "national security investigation."

Soon, journalists will be receiving combat pay.

The World Is A Safer Place Without Saddam Trump

Today will be the last time Paul Manafort will wearing one of his $10,000 suit & $1000 shoes to court where he’s gonna be sentenced for the rest of his life to wear a $15 orange jumpsuit & $10 sneakers for being a crook & traitor to his country that he sold for millions...- MaydayMindy tweet

Saudi Secrecy From Trump's Son-in-law? Imagine What We Don't Know.
Officials and staffers in the U.S. embassy in Riyadh said they were not read in on the details of Jared Kushner’s trip to Saudi Arabia or the meetings he held with members of the country’s Royal Court last week. And that’s causing concern not only in the embassy but also among members of Congress, according to three individuals with direct knowledge of the matter.

The "Far left" wants to give people health insurance, make families citizens & help the poorest people in this nation obtain enough $$ to live a happy life
The "Far Right" wants to run people over with cars, chant "jews will not replace us" & kick brown people out of the country. - Brian Krassenstein

I'm Beginning To Think Trump Doesn't Like Freedom of Speech
President Trump on Wednesday responded to the Democratic National Committee (DNC) refusing to let Fox News host a Democratic primary debate by threatening to “do the same thing” with other networks during the general election. 

Republican Shenanigans

I wish Tim Apple would talk some sense into Howard Starbucks. - Pat Cunnane

Obama joined a growing movement of so-called "schoolers," who contend that Trump never attended school. - Andy Borowitz

The Miami Herald Led The Way To Dish The Dirt On Dershowitz
Alan Dershowitz was accused in federal appeals court of involvement in billionaire Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged sex trafficking ring, The Daily Beast reported Wednesday evening.
The allegations were made before the Second Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals on Wednesday.
The case is over a lawsuit filed by the Miami Herald and thirty other media organizations to unseal documents in a lawsuit by Virginia Roberts Giuffre.

MONDAY: Award-winning journalist Jane Mayer reports that Fox News gave Trump debate questions in advance and then protected him by refusing to run the Stormy Daniels story.  

WEDNESDAY: DC reporters criticize Democrats for not letting Fox host one of their primary debates. -
Jon Favreau 


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What has become of America when a President is motivated to run for re-election to avoid bein’ arrested for multiple felonies? - Tea Pain

Rock The Voter News

Clinton handed GW Bush a healthy economy and no wars. 
GW Bush handed Obama a collapsing economy and 2 raging wars. 
Obama handed Trump a healthy economy and the remnants of GW Bush's 2 wars. 
Trump handed us his stumpy middle finger

My Prediction: Trump Is Going To Have A RKelly Meltdown On FOX 
Trump biographer Tim O’Brien predicts that the next few months are going to be very unpleasant for President Donald Trump, as House Democrats conduct a thorough probe of his personal finances.


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Business/Tech News

Michael Cohen is suing Trump for failure to pay Cohen’s legal fees. So very 2019. - Preet Bharara

Farewell Amazon Pop-Ups, I Hardly Knew Ye
Amazon will close all of its 87 pop-up locations in the U.S. in April, the company said Wednesday. Amazon has pop-ups inside Whole Foods...

Any Catholics out there giving up hating the gays for Lent or is it just ice cream again. - babs tweet


The Laptop has landed.


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Time To Deflate Photo
South Island, New Zealand. Now that's a mountain.


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