Thursday, March 28, 2019

HUD Charges Facebook With Housing Discrimination Over Targeted Advertising

HUD Charges Facebook With Housing Discrimination Over Targeted Advertising
The Department of Housing and Urban Development [HUD] has alleged that Facebook’s targeted advertising practices violate the Fair Housing Act by “encouraging, enabling, and causing” unlawful discrimination. The HUD says Facebook breaks the law by allowing users to restrict who can view housing ads.

If Twitter is trying to censor conservative voices, it is doing a very bad job. - Stephen Colbert

Facebook censored one of Clay Bennett's cartoons today. 
Clay Bennett!
This cartoon (posted 3/20/2019) was just removed by Facebook for "violating community standards."
So, tell me Facebook- how am I supposed to depict a presidency that "violates community standards" without doing so myself? - Clay Bennett 3/28/2019 tweet

The World Is A Safer Place Without Saddam Trump

The prime minister of Israel is defending Hitler to further demonize Islam. I’m familiar with “Jews for Jesus” but “Jews for Hitler” is a new one on me. - OhNoSheTwint

Chairman Schiff stared them down, and listed off all the indisputable evidence that the Trump campaign colluded with Russia. Watch it, then watch it again.

Disney just announced they won’t be releasing Star Wars Episode IX as we’d been promised - but instead, Attorney General William Barr will provide the world with a comprehensive 4-page plot summary. - John Fugelsang

Trump Puts More FBI Agents In Danger
Donald Trump accused former FBI employees Peter Strzok and Lisa Page of committing treason when they took steps to investigate his possible ties to Russia. “They wanted to do a subversion,” the president told Sean Hannity in rambling, 45-minute interview on Fox News on Wednesday night. “It was treason. It was really treason.” He also claimed he plans to release the classified documents the FBI used to launch a probe of Russian interference in his election. 

Republican Shenanigans

Trump & his Peeps seem to have Premature Exoneration Syndrome At 72 he’s lucky to get an election. - Mayday Mindy tweet

Gasp! President Donald Trump Jr.?
In a terrifying glimpse into the future, Donald Trump Jr. has revealed that he’s considering running for office one day, just like his dad. Speaking on Bloomberg Radio on Wednesday evening, Donald Trump’s oldest son said he was focused on getting “the country back on track” by promoting his father’s policies.

Look, I’m not perfect but at least my obituary won’t say, “and in 2019, he defunded the Special Olympics.” - Conan O'Brien


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I wonder which college basketball team will get to watch Trump eat 300 room temperature cheeseburgers. - Stephen Colbert

Rock The Voter News

"I'm so proud of the work of Chairman Adam Schiff...I think they're just scaredy-cats. They just don't know what to do." - Speaker Pelosi says after GOP members of House Intel Committee call for his resignation.

When the ranking member of the House Intel Committee demands that Chairman Schiff resign, we know we’re in an out and out war for the soul of Democracy. The GOP cult will do anything to protect the Corrupt Autocrat. Don’t let down. Dig in. Long fight ahead. - Rob Reiner

White-Supremacists In Action
Federal authorities in Alaska have charged six members of the 1488 white-supremacist prison gang with the beating death of gang member Michael Staton, according to ABC News 13. “The defendants allegedly participated in the heinous murder of Michael Staton, with the goal of impressing their vile and racist gang,” Assistant Attorney General Brian Benczkowski said in a statement late Wednesday.

Reporter: "Do you think that you'll see a female President in your lifetime?"

Julia Louis-Dreyfus: "I f*cking better. Yeah"

The Special Olympics needs a new event, throwin' javelins at anyone who wants to cut funding to the Special Olympics. - George Wallace


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Business/Tech News

Great Britain is like a dad who asks for a divorce, then refuses to move out of the house and kind of hopes you’ll forget he’s living in the basement. - Conan O'Brien

Twitter Comes Up With Penalty For Politicians 
A Twitter executive on Wednesday said the company is considering a new feature that will label tweets from politicians, including President Trump, when they violate Twitter rules.

The rise of flat-Earthers in the United States is evidence of two things: 1) the protection of speech, and 2) the failure of our educational system. - Neil deGrasse Tyson



Odd News

Time To Deflate Photo

I love this photo, it reminds me of all the times I enjoyed Florida's turquoise waters.


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