Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Sympathy for the Devil

Immigration judges hit back at Sessions for suggesting they show too much sympathy
A union representing the country's 350 immigration judges slammed Attorney General Jeff Sessions for comments he made that suggested they were sidestepping the law and showing too much sympathy when handling certain cases.

Seventeen years ago today America was attacked by zero Afghans, zero Iranians and zero Iraqis. -John Fugelsang

The World Is A Safer Place Without Saddam Trump

9-11. longest life of my professional career.had no idea what would happen next. so much pain, loss, confusion.BUT very quickly the country united - by grief and resolve.that’s been lost. an enduring shame. - Tom Brokaw

This Sounds So Russian
Intelligence agencies investigating mysterious "attacks" that led to brain injuries in U.S. personnel in Cuba and China consider Russia to be the main suspect, three U.S. officials and two others briefed on the investigation tell NBC News.

I have been practicing law for nearly 20 yrs. Never before have I seen a defendant so frightened to be deposed as Donald Trump, especially for a guy that talks so tough. He is desperate and doing all he can to avoid having to answer my questions. He is all hat and no cattle. - Michael Avenatti

Trump To Write Book. From Jail Probably.
President Donald Trump promised Monday that he would "write the real book" to set the record straight on his administration, once again lashing out against veteran Washington reporter Bob Woodward, whose incendiary book about the Trump White House will be released this week.

Republican Shenanigans

NEW RULE: For every hour of Fox News that Trump watches, he has to watch two episodes of Schoolhouse Rock.- goldengateblond tweet

What Does Putin Have On Lindsey Graham? 
Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) has done an about-face on President Donald Trump, whom he once dismissed as an unqualified “kook,” and now tries to provoke him into taking various military actions.

1,833 Americans died in Katrina and House Republicans created a bipartisan select committee to investigate the disaster.
2,975 died in Maria and House Republicans haven't held one hearing.
There's nothing these Republicans won't let Trump get away with. - LOLGOP

Bush Was Warned And So Was Condoleezza. "The only thing we didn't do was pull the trigger to the gun we were holding to her head." 
Note: This Article is from 2006
On July 10, 2001, two months before the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, then-CIA Director George J. Tenet met with his counterterrorism chief, J. Cofer Black, at CIA headquarters to review the latest on Osama bin Laden and his al-Qaeda terrorist organization. Black laid out the case, consisting of communications intercepts and other top-secret intelligence showing the increasing likelihood that al-Qaeda would soon attack the United States...For months, Tenet had been pressing Condoleezza Rice to set a clear counterterrorism policy, including specific presidential orders called "findings" that would give the CIA stronger authority to conduct covert action against bin Laden...."The only thing we didn't do was pull the trigger to the gun we were holding to her head." - J. Cofer Black, CIA counterterrorism chief

When was the last time Donald Trump went to church?- Asking for everyone that believes he believes. - Ken Olin


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The GOP/NRA Patriots Medal

No one who has ever lost a loved one to gun violence likes to think that their spouse / son / daughter / relative / friend died in vain.  The very thought is abhorrent.

Yet the clear message from the GOP and the NRA appears to be, “You’re right: we really do not give a rat’s red patoot about your loved ones.  An unfettered Second Amendment means more to us than your – or anybody’s, or everybody’s – loved ones.  So go screw.”

If there were ever any doubt about that attitude, SCOTUS-nominee Brett Kavanaugh erased it when he refused to meet or even acknowledge Fred Guttenberg, the father of 14-year-old Jaime Guttenberg, who was killed in the Parkland school shooting.

I think the GOP and the NRA should take a more positive, less dismissive approach to shooting victims.  They should begin to regard the victims of gun violence as patriots – GOP/NRA Patriots.

That’s right, patriots.  Those people about whose safety the GOP and NRA cared nothing died in service to the Constitution of the United States.  They died to protect the Second Amendment.  They are GOP/NRA Patriots.

Anyone can qualify to be a GOP/NRA Patriot – seniors, baby boomers, millennials, Gens X and Y – even first graders.  You don’t have to do anything except be in the way when the shooting starts.

So I propose that the GOP and the NRA jointly begin to award each shooting victim a medal – “The GOP/NRA Patriots Medal”.  The families of people who are killed should receive a gold medal, suitably inscribed, with a duplicate gold medal that can be affixed to a gravestone or columbarium niche.

People who survived but who were disabled or disfigured could receive a silver medal.  And those who were wounded might get a bronze medal.

All medals would hang from a red, white, and blue ribbon, as befits Patriots.  The medals could be worn with civilian or military dress.  All recipients would also receive a certificate suitable for framing and signed by Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, Wayne LaPierre, and maybe by “5th Avenue Donnie” himself.  Each certificate should be a signed original – no autopens allowed.

Here’s what the gold medal might look like:

I realize that many sane and sensible people might find this proposal outrageous and insensitive.  But how is it any more outrageous and insensitive than allowing more than 33,000 people – including more than 11,000 homicide victims – to succumb to gun violence each year and do nothing at all about it?

How is it any more outrageous and insensitive than refusing to take the extended hand of a grieving father?

It has been a few months since the last school shooting so it’s not “too soon” to talk about this.  But school is back in session now so it may become “too soon” again before long.

The GOP and the NRA should begin giving shooting victims the recognition they deserve.  And awarding each of them medals and certificates is the least they can do.  Sure, it will cost them some money, but money has never been a big issue for either organization.  Maybe the Trump Inauguration Committee can help with some of the expenses.  And maybe Donnie’s dom, Master Vlad, can toss in a few laundered rubles.

- Rick


Rock The Voter News

Today reminds me of a more innocent time when I only had to hate Rudy Giuliani one day a year. - Nick McGurk

Today also marks the 17 year anniversary of Donald Trump boasting on tape that he now had the tallest building in lower Manhattan.   That very day.   - John Fugelsang


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Business/Tech News

I wonder what poor third world countries think about us burning shoes because some people don’t want innocent minorities killed. - Christopher Titus

Bannon ponders Ivanka's silicone investments
Woodward's New Book Reveals Oval Office Catfight
“You walk around this place and act like you’re in charge, and you’re not,” Bannon reportedly roared. “You’re on staff!”
“I’m not a staffer! I’ll never be a staffer,” Ivanka fired back, according to Woodward. “I’m the first daughter.”

I got one of those robotic dogs. Calm down, it’s a rescue. - Conan O'Brien



Odd News

Time To Deflate Photo
Hey, hey, you, you get off of my feeder.


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