Wednesday, August 8, 2018

It's Hillary's fault

Trump’s legal team rejects Mueller interview terms, counters
President Donald Trump’s legal team has rejected the latest ground rules for an interview with special counsel Robert Mueller’s team.
The president’s lawyers didn’t rule out an interview, but on Wednesday countered with terms narrowing the questioning...

44 years ago today, Richard Nixon resigned because he was about to get caught. Anyone, anyone, anyone else? - Chelsea Handler

The World Is A Safer Place Without Saddam Trump

FUN FACT: It's been 16 weeks since Rudy Giuliani promised to end the Mueller investigation in 2 weeks.- Tea Pain

And To Think Jimmy Carter Gave Up His Peanut Farm
The Trump International Hotel, five blocks from the White House, is a welcoming place for Trump administration officials and their supporters — and an ongoing legal headache for the president...Eighteen months into the Trump presidency, an NBC News analysis of public filings and social media indicates substantial spending at the hotel by federal agencies, Trump's political allies and foreign governments.

Reminder as Trump cowers in the corner from Mueller, Bill and Hillary testified more than 12 times to federal law enforcement officers during the `90s while GOP sponsored charade 'scandals.'
They had nothing to hide.- Eric Boehlert

Republican Shenanigans

Pretty simple message for Democrats: there is a culture of corruption in the Republican Party, from the president on down. - Matthew Miller

Pardon me, Mr. President?

Republican Congressman Arrested
Rep. Chris Collins, R-N.Y. was arrested Wednesday morning on federal insider trading charges, law enforcement officials said

To recap: Chris Collins, a huge Trump supporter who was demanding an end to Mueller’s investigation, has been lying to the FBI. - OhNoSheTwint


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I need a chart:Cohen turned on Trump.Gates turned on Manafort.Accountant turned on Manafort too.Trump Tower meeting w/Russians wasn’t about adoptions.Junior & Senior lied. (Shocker)Collins - king of congressional Trumpsters was indicted.Who the hell can keep up?
- Ana Navarro

Rock The Voter News

Californians Puzzled by Trump's Failure to Blame Wildfires on Hillary. - Andy Borowitz

Stephen Miller Desperately Searching For Next Fix After High Of Detained Children Starts Wearing Off  - The Onion


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Business/Tech News

Asbestos is now in.
Don’t worry Formaldehyde - I’m sure Trump is working hard in the background and your day will come. Patience, he will get to you all.- Alison Greene

LeBron For Education Secretary!
A new petition is calling on President Trump to give Education Secretary Betsy DeVos the boot — in favor of LeBron James.
The Care2 petition first posted Tuesday afternoon has garnered more than 4,400 signatures so far.

My son is 2,000 years old and still lives with his parents. #loser - TheTweetofGod




Odd News

Time To Deflate Photo
I hope that bird got some honey from that bee and not a sting.


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