Thursday, July 12, 2018

Public Enemy #1

'Never thought I’d see this!’ Russian state TV gushes Trump is doing Putin’s job of wrecking NATO for him
A guest on Russia’s state television network on Wednesday found herself stunned by President Donald Trump’s performance at this week’s NATO summit, in which the president angrily attacked longtime allies for allegedly not contributing enough to the alliance.

This reboot of Groundhog Day where America wakes up every morning and Trump is still president sucks- Jeff Tiedrich

The World Is A Safer Place Without Saddam Trump

Trump has done more damage to NATO in 18 months than Soviet & Russian leaders achieved in 7 decades. Why ? -Michael McFaul 

Trump arrived 30 minutes late to today’s NATO summit, missed his scheduled meetings with at least two world leaders, prompted the secretary general to call an emergency session, held an impromptu 35-minute news conference, [then left fly to London].- Rebecca Ballhaus, Wall Street Journal

Macron Corrects Trump Claims At NATO
French President Emmanuel Macron has denied President Donald Trump’s claim that NATO allies have agreed to boost defense spending beyond 2 percent of gross domestic product.
Macron said: There is a communique that was published yesterday. It’s very detailed.”
He added: “It confirms the goal of 2 percent by 2024. That’s all.”

Merkel told Mueller that she would take a leave of absence as leader of the German government and move to Washington to work full-time for Mueller “if that would be of assistance.”- Andy Borowitz

White House Claims John Kelly Was Thinking About Breakfast Instead Of Listening To Trump's Speech
John Kelly was annoyed he couldn't get a "full breakfast" in Brussels on Wednesday.
At least that was the explanation from White House spokesperson Sarah Sanders when asked about the apparently agitated body language displayed by President Donald Trump's chief of staff during a meeting with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg. 
Sanders told The Washington Post that Kelly "was displeased because he was expecting a full breakfast and there were only pastries and cheese."

I’ve gone from thinking Trump should be impeached to thinking he should be held back from second grade.- Andy Borowitz

Republican Shenanigans

Honestly, among the most damning and suspicious thing is that he has no idiotic nickname for Putin. - Emily Nussbaum

Take a deep breath when opening.

Russian Asbestos Company Stamps Trump's Face On Their Products
One of the world's largest and producers and sellers of asbestos has reportedly begun placing a seal with President Trump's face on its products.
The Guardian reported on Wednesday that Uralasbest has adorned pallets of its products with Trump's face and the message, “Approved by Donald Trump, 45th president of the United States."

Putin can shoot an American in the middle of 5th Avenue and Trump still won't criticize him. - Roland Scahill


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Please explain to me once again how Peter Strzok convinced the FBI to collude with Russia and Hillary to lose her own election so that Trump could win so that then the deep state could take him down because oh my god that all makes such perfect sense to me herpity derpity derpity - Jeff Tiedrich

Rock The Voter News

I for one feel much safer now knowing that Stormy Daniels was arrested and a sexual predator is leading the country. - OhNoShe Twint

Rosenstein sending hand signal to deep state.
Is Rosenstein Baiting Trump To Fire Him?
Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein has asked federal prosecutors to help the Department of Justice (DOJ) review Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh's government documents, according to a report in The New York Times that notes the request is an unusual injection of politics into the law enforcement duties of the department.

Stephen Miller threw away $80 worth of takeout sushi after the
restaurant’s bartender allegedly flipped him off. I’m sorry those fish died for nothing, but at least they didn’t have to go through Stephen Miller’s gu
ts. - Bette Midler


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Rachel Maddow just spoke for all of us when she said sometimes she thinks she’s died and gone to hell and this is what the news is like in hell.- Joyce Alene

Business/Tech News

Tearful Trump Admits NATO Alliance Closest Thing To Friendship He’s Ever Had - The Onion

Republicans Openly Colluding In Congress
When California Republican Rep. Devin Nunes sat before a committee Wednesday to testify on a bill, Democrats tried to use the opportunity to question the House Intelligence Committee chairman on his investigation of Russian meddling and the 2016 presidential race.
But the Republican chairman of the House Rules Committee -- Rep. Pete Sessions of Texas -- allowed Nunes to leave the hearing before Democrats could fire off their questions, prompting criticism from Democrats.

"When in doubt, tell the truth."- Mark Twain


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