Wednesday, July 11, 2018

I feel dirty

Speaker Ryan, Republicans rally around Rep. Jim Jordan amidmounting allegations
Speaker Paul Ryan on Wednesday joined a unified GOP front supporting Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio in the face of allegations from some former wrestlers at Ohio State University that Jordan turned a blind eye to sexual abuse by the team's doctor.

Our next president is going to have to go on one hell of an apology tour. - Jeff Tiedrich

The World Is A Safer Place Without Saddam Trump

By the time Trump gets back from Europe, not only will we be out of NATO, but America will be renamed "West Moscow." - Erik Bransteen

More Warnings. GOP Silent.
The United States was not designed to withstand the sort of authoritarian onslaught we’re seeing from Donald Trump, former CIA analyst Nada Bakos warned on Wednesday night.

We are one firin' away from a full-blown Constitutional crisis.  The lawyer for Alfa Bank, who never tried a case, is the head of the DOJ criminal division and the next in line behind Rod Rosenstein.  Trump and Putin's coup is almost complete.- Tea Pain

Trump Whines About Imaginary NATO Debt
Unleashing in-your-face rhetoric at the NATO summit, President Donald Trump pressed the falsehood Wednesday that members of the alliance owe money to the U.S. and took sole credit for higher military spending by NATO partners — a decision that preceded his presidency.

A man who had a yacht seized, a plane seized, signed over hotels, bankrupted  several businesses included casinos and stiffed contractors millions of dollars is calling for NATO to pay their bills. -irishygirl

Republican Shenanigans

Something tells me Sacha Baron Cohen could have duped Sarah Palin dressed as Sarah Palin. - Jeremy Newberger

Paul Manafort Has A Private Cell With Bath, Cell Phone & Laptop. How Did That Happen?
Federal prosecutors on Wednesday submitted files opposing former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort’s request to delay his trial for months, a filing that reveals details of Manafort’s life behind bars.

Women will always have access to safe and legal abortion, as long as they got pregnant by a married republican. - irishygirl


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Rock The Voter News

Sarah Palin is trending so I can only assume her kids Trig, Track, Bio, Calc 2, and JV Lacrosse have gotten into some kind of drunken snowmobile fight. - OhNoSheTwint

Why, I believe this woman got her degree from Trump University, Magna cum covfefe

I miss Anthony Bourdain.
I miss Prince.
I miss Carrie Fisher.
I miss David Bowie.
I'm so sick of Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell I could vomit.
We really got a raw deal, world. - John Pavlovitz

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Business/Tech News

- North Korea pranks Pompeo
- Republicans visit Moscow
- Trump loses migrant children
-  I feel dirty

Elon Musk didn’t save the Thai soccer team, but he will put them on a Tesla waitlist.- Conan O'Brien


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Odd News

Time To Deflate Photo

The Dubai Frame is an architectural landmark in Zabeel Park, Dubai. It has been described The Guardian newspaper as "the biggest picture frame on the planet", however is also controversial as the "biggest stolen building of all time". Hmm, I see it as a facsinating piece of art.


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