Monday, June 25, 2018

Sarah Sanders Learned How To Revenge Tweet After Booted From Eatery

Ex-White House ethics chief: Sarah Sanders tweet violates ethics laws
The former director of the Office of Government Ethics said on Saturday that White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders's decision

Is huge mistake to get between a Huckabee and it food. - Rogue Melania

The World Is A Safer Place Without Saddam Trump

GOP has been purposefully uncivil for at least 10 yrs. and it's been a political home run, in part because DC press gave them a pass
DC press today: Dems, don't you DARE act uncivil.  

see the problem here?- Eric Boehlert 

the practice of obtaining something, especially money, through force or threats.
synonyms: blackmail, shakedown; formal exact

In a detention center near Houston, an asylum seeker from Honduras said he agreed to sign a voluntary removal order from the U.S. after federal officials promised to reunite him with his 6-year-old daughter.

"If the Constitution prevented me from doing one or two things, I'd chalk that up to bad luck," Donald J. Trump said. "But when literally everything I want to do is magically a violation of the Constitution, that's very unfair and bad treatment." - Andy Borowitz

OMG. Migrant Children Being Forced To Recite Pledge of Allegiance To The Country That Took Them From Their Parents. What Are We Doing?
Migrant children who have been separated from their families are being forced to recite America's Pledge of Allegiance every morning, according to a Washington Post report.
The Casa Padre facility in Brownsville, Texas, is the largest migrant children's shelter in the country, housing nearly 1,5000 boys. Some arrived as unaccompanied minors while others were separated from family members under the Trump administration's "zero tolerance" policy.

Interesting detail: When a First Lady travels solo, her tarmac arrival is traditionally closed to pressBut last wk, ⁦@FLOTUS⁩ invited pool cameras to cover her on the tarmac. Thereby guaranteeing you’d see her jacket. - Christina Wilkie,  The Hill reporter

Republican Shenanigans

“Trump is the abusive father everyone will be in therapy for the next 40 years.” - John Oliver

The people who were fine when Sarah Palin put pictures of legislators who voted for Obama’s healthcare bill in crosshairs, including Gabby Giffords who was later shot and nearly killed, are clutching their pearls over Maxine Waters suggesting people not be nice to fascists. - OhNoSheTwint

CNN Panel Condemns Maxine Waters
CNN’s New Day was unanimous in its condemnation of Rep. Maxine Waters Monday, who said at a rally over the weekend that Trump officials who continue to defend the president are going to face harassment in public.

Hey CNN, watch this

My great-aunt who escaped a concentration camp after being shot in the back left for dead and lived in a refrigerator box in someone’s basement until the war ended always said her biggest regret was not being more civil to Nazis. - OhNoSheTwint

Mueller Investigation Update
Special counsel Robert Mueller has acquired the communications of Blackwater founder Erik Prince, ABC News reported Monday.
“As Mr. Prince told the Daily Beast he has spoken voluntarily with Congress and also cooperated completely with the special counsel’s investigation, including by providing them total access to his phones and computer,” a spokesperson for Prince told ABC.

Mueller Intrigued by Idea of Deporting Someone Without Trial - Andy Borowitz


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To every reporter everywhere: Can we stop with the “what Trump supporters think” stories? Please? - Bryce Tache

Rock The Voter News

Hey, Mr. Axelrod, I'd Like To Order The Blue Plate Special.
Kind of amazed and appalled  by the number of folks on Left who applauded the expulsion of @PressSec and her family from a restaurant.
This, in the end,  is a triumph for @realDonaldTrump vision of America:
Now we’re divided by red plates & blue plates!
#sad - David Axelrod, Hillary Hater

Conservatives’ biggest nightmare is bein’ treated like they treat others. - Tea Pain


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If you think that Mexico is only sending drug dealers and rapists,but also worry that Mexicans are going to take your job...What the fvck do you do for a living? - edelweisspirat tweet

Business/Tech News

Trump trying to ruin the Red Hen’s reputation is a nice break from his usual practice of destroying his own businesses. - OhNoSheTwint

Remember When Harley-Davidson Visited The White House? 
European tariffs imposed as retaliation for President Donald Trump’s taxes on imported steel and aluminum will add about $2,200 on average to the cost of every Harley-Davidson motorcycle exported to the continent, the company said Monday.

"Nothing strengthens authority so much as silence."  - Leonardo da Vinci



Odd News

Time To Deflate Photo

The Auto Wash Bowl in Chicago, 1924. I guess they didn't have hoses in Chicago back then.


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