Tuesday, February 20, 2018

It's not even March

Top court snubs challenge to California gun waiting period
In a blow to gun rights activists, the U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday turned away a challenge to California’s 10-day waiting period for firearms purchases that is intended to guard against impulsive violence and suicides.

My generation went to the moon and ended the Vietnam war. This generation is capable of doing more. Do you know why?
Because we're Americans Goddammit!

NRA & GOP remind you that 49 dead in an Orlando nightclub, 26 dead at Sandy Hook & 17 dead at a FLA High School are just the price America has to pay so the next Nikolas Cruz can still easily buy an AR-15. - John Fugelsang

The World Is A Safer Place Without Saddam Trump

The Olympic Committee has imposed more sanctions on Russia than our President.- Warren Holstein

Meanwhile, Back At The Tinderbox Peninsula
South Korea and the United States will announce plans before April for a postponed joint military drill, South Korea’s defense minister said on Tuesday.

From the Netherlands: I admire the teenagers in the USA, fighting for their right to live and not to get killed! - Dutch Wondering Tweet

Trump ‘went to play golf while they held funerals’ - Anderson Cooper, CNN

Republican Shenanigans

DeVos Says Trump Will Not Go Down as Worst President in History Once Schools Stop Teaching History - Andy Borowitz

Republicans Are At Fault, Not "Congress"
More than 6 in 10 Americans fault Congress and President Donald Trump for not doing enough to prevent mass shootings, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll, with most Americans continuing to say these incidents are more reflective of problems identifying and addressing mental health issues than inadequate gun laws.

One of the first victims identified among the 17 people killed was Aaron Feis, an assistant football coach and security guard.

Conservative Goes After Parkland Shooting Survivors
CNN viewers on Tuesday demanded that the network fire conservative contributor Jack Kingston after he suggested that students who survived the mass shooting in Parkland, Florida were being organized by liberal activists.

I wish we could form some kind of Twitter human shield around those Parkland kids to protect them from the godawful soulless bastards who, predictably, are starting to attack them. - Rex Huppke

I'm old enough to remember when "President's adult son helps push conspiracy theory aimed at teen who survived high-school shooting that killed 17" would be kind of a big freakin' deal. - Rex Huppke


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Rock The Voter News

High School Students Practice Using One-Syllable Words for Upcoming Meeting with Trump - Andy Borowitz

Meanwhile, Trump Is Trying To Replace Obamacare With GFY Healthcare
The Trump administration wants to allow insurance companies to offer more policies that have limited health benefits and that can reject customers if they have pre-existing medical conditions.

Finally, teens’ ability to deliver devastating blows to people’s self-esteem is being put to good use. - Jess Dweck


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Business/Tech News

Man Only Buys Products Made Right Here In The USA By Cheap Immigrant Labor  - The Onion

I Wonder If These Will Cost As Much As An Epi-Pen
The first treatment to help prevent serious allergic reactions to peanuts may be on the way. A California company said Tuesday that its daily capsules of peanut flour helped children tolerate the nuts in a major study.

Progress: I always give the audience a chance to ask questions before I end my show. 
Last nite in Fla: "Talk about our president." 
Me: "I'm not in that group. He's not my president." 
Last yr here I got booed for similar, last nite, applause.  - Elayne Boosler



Odd News

Time To Deflate Photo

A cloud tree! I want one!


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