Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Good news and bad news.

Bad news first. No edition today, there will be a new edition tomorrow.

Today I am wearing a chef's hat not my normal cowgirl hat. It is my good friend's birthday and he asked me to make him two of my special lasagnas for his fiesta. Why, of course, I said yes!  One is traditional Italian and the other is Chicken/Asparagus. I have been cooking non-stop since 5 this morning.  I am waiting for them to cool and for my ride to deliver me and the lovelies.

I wish y'all were here!

The Good News. The release of the Fusion congressional transcripts has opened a huge can of worms that will soon engulf Team Trump. It's no wonder Trump is trying to distract us with meetings and bragging about his imaginary overblown accomplishments.

From what I have read of the transcripts, the FBI may need to do some serious splainin', including Comey.

See you tomorrow!


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