Wednesday, December 20, 2017

911 Call

Confusion and chaos ahead as new tax rules take immediate effect
America’s new tax system will go into effect in just 12 days, and payroll companies are bracing for confusion as they figure out new withholding rules that will affect millions of American paychecks.

Most congressional republicans haven't felt this giddy since they pushed their grandparents down the stairs for inheritance money.- Soapbox Liberal

The World Is A Safer Place Without Saddam Trump

Farewell, Individual Mandate.
Created by a GOP think tank.
Implemented by a GOP governor.
But then the black POTUS adopted it & it had to go.
So now uninsured sick ppl can show up at ERs
& local taxpayers foot the bill.
Congrats, MAGA folk - you finally got Socialized health care. - John Fugelsang

WTH? This Is Bizarre.
A used car dealership known as ‘CIA’ in northern Virginia is the latest detail of intrigue in the bizarre investigations into the Pakistani family at the center of the House IT scandal involving former Democratic National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz.

It's NO coincidence that the unelected public servants who have seen the details behind Trump/Russia that are hidden from the public are the ones who are sounding the alarms

Sally Yates, Comey, Clapper, Brennan, etc

They have nothing to gain by doing so except to save America. - Brian Krassenstein

No more paper towels for you!

Will The Tax Bill Punish Puerto Rico?
Why, Of Course, It Will!
The hits just keep coming for Puerto Rico.
As the U.S. island struggles to climb out of a $70 billion debt crisis and recover from the devastation of Hurricane Maria, House Republicans voted Tuesday to impose a 12.5 percent tax on intellectual property income made by U.S. companies operating on the island and a minimum 10 percent tax on their profits in Puerto Rico. The Senate passed the measure early Wednesday.

It was revealed that the Pentagon had a top secret program to investigate UFO’s and aliens. Which is why Trump announced plans to build a dome over the earth and make E.T. pay for it. - Jimmy Fallon

Republican Shenanigans

I've never been prouder not to be a Republican. - John Pavlovitz

Chris Christie Goes After Jared Kushner. Grab The Popcorn!
New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, who helped put Jared Kushner's father in prison, showed no mercy toward the senior White House adviser on Tuesday, encouraging Russia probe investigators to closely examine any hand he may have had in potential wrongdoings by the Trump campaign.

Dear child with cancer whose government has just given your chemo treatment money to a board member at Goldman Sachs:
Don’t worry, he’s going to spend it on a third Mercedes. -Mikel Jollet


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Rock The Voter News

The Trump administration has banned the CDC from using seven words in official documents for next year's budget. The seven words are "Hillary Clinton actually won the popular vote."- Seth Myers

I realize this is the world’s smallest issue, but I still don’t understand what “I moved on her like a bitch“ means. - Emily Nussbaum


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Being too stupid and gullible to realize that the plutocrats are picking your pockets is a great way to own the libs.- Jeff Tiedrich

Business/Tech News

Save this tweet: In 2019 Democrats are gonna repeal this #GOPTaxScam. I’ll laugh as Repubs cry. This bill is smoking hot garbage, the most corrupt bill that’s ever existed in Congress. I feel dirty talking about it. The swamp monster of bills. People will go to prison over it. - Scott Dworkin

Europe, China And Japan Have Fabulous Railroads. Why? Because They Invest In Technology. The USA Doesn't. It's That Simple.
Amtrak's co-CEO apologized profusely for the high-speed train derailment that hurled passenger cars onto a freeway, killing three people and injuring 100.
"It's not acceptable that we are involved in these kinds of accidents. We are terribly sorry to the people that are involved," Richard Anderson said.

"Nobody talks more of free enterprise and competition and of the best man winning than the man who inherited his father's store or farm." -- C. Wright Mills, 1951


Holiday Hugs To Everyone!


Odd News

Time To Deflate Photo

This beautiful house is about 300 meters from my house. This is the 2nd time this year that this house's fence has been hit by obscene graffiti. I have no idea who lives there. The only cars I have seen there belong to the landscaper.  My first thought when I saw it was -- what did he do to her?


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