Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Trump Speaks *scratch that* Barks At UN

'Rocket Man is on a suicide mission': Trump tells United Nations he will 'destroy' Kim Jong-Un if he threatens America
Donald Trump address United Nations General Assembly for first time
Turns his fire on Kim Jon-Un's North Korea and uses his derisive nickname for dictator saying 'Rocket Man is on a suicide mission

The comments section gave a speech at the UN. - Hend Amry‏

The World Is A Safer Place Without Saddam Trump

Facebook is under fire because, during last year’s election, Facebook sold lots of ad space to Russia. Facebook said the problem has been fixed. Now they’re selling that ad space to a really nice lady named Isis.- Conan O'Brien

FYI: The Sonic Attacks On The US Embassy In Cuba Began Days After Trump Was Elected
Staffers at the U.S. embassy in Cuba who have been victims of suspected health attacks include both top officers and lower-level employees whose duties range from diplomacy and security to medical services and maintenance, according to a list of the personnel obtained by NBC News.

Security experts are now keeping a close eye on the rise of Osama bin Laden’s son. Even worse, they say Osama bin Laden Jr. may be working tighter with his siblings Eric bin Laden and Ivanka bin Laden.- James Corden

A Must See Documentary About North Korea. Especially Today.
CNN’s Will Ripley, Tim Schwarz and Justin Robertson visited North Korea in June and spent 15 days there. Despite being constantly under the watchful eye of government minders, they got an unprecedented level of access to this secretive state, beyond the bright lights of Pyongyang, and into the North Korean hinterland.

Republican Shenanigans

Sarah Sanders will downgrade Manafort from someone who "worked briefly on the campaign" to an intern who did copying for them. - Kevin M. Kruse

Hate Crimes On The Rise. Thanks Trump!
Hate crimes have jumped by nearly 20 percent in major U.S. cities through much of this year, after increasing nationally by 5 percent last year, according to police data compiled by the Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism at California State University at San Bernardino.

So Trump goes one way, then he abruptly goes the other way, then swoops around in a completely different direction for no apparent reason. Which is also what he tells the guy cutting his hair.- James Corden


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Every phone call between Manafort and Jared, Trump, Flynn and Donnie Jr, was intercepted.  Not a bottle of Imodium D left on D.C. shelves. - Tea Pain

Rock The Voter News

I so admire the elegance and grace of Hillary Clinton not titling her book "Eat Sh*t and Die, Assholes" - Lauren Duca

Dear Current and Former Trump Staffers:

It's entirely possible all your phones are tapped.

Happy early Halloween!


- Seth Abramson


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Business/Tech News

Under this bill, people with metastatic cancer will pay $142,650 more a year to get coverage.
That is not reform. That is a death sentence. - New York State Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman

Florida Has Gone To Hell In A Handbasket
Florida Power and Light's grid did not fare well under Hurricane Irma, despite the company's assurances that it had spent billions hardening its systems after 90% of its customers lost power to 2005's Hurricane Wilma.
But one thing has changed since 2005: solar. Many of the FPL customers who are living through dangerous heat without power now have solar panels on their roofs that could keep them going while FPL repairs its infrastructure. Except doing so is illegal, thanks to FPL's lobbyists, who literally ghost-wrote much of Florida's dreadful solar rules.

There are only two forces that can carry light to all the corners of the globe, only two. The sun in the heavens and The Associated Press down here." -- Mark Twain, speaking in 1906, 111 years ago today



Odd News

Time To Deflate Photo

Sushi a la Pelican.


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