Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Republicans are between a rock and the public. But they don't know it.

Trump: ‘Let Obamacare Fail…I’m Not Going to Own It’
President Donald Trump said Tuesday he would let Obamacare "fail" in the aftermath of his party's botched efforts to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act.
"I think we're probably in that position where we'll let Obamacare fail," Trump said at the White House. "We're not going to own it. I'm not going to own it. I can tell you, the Republicans are not going to own it."

It is hard to overstate the level of failure here. The GOP crushed their car at 90 miles an hour into a cliff with a grin on their face. - Stephen Colbert

The World Is A Safer Place Without Saddam Trump

Press didn't know you spent an hour during dinner in 1-1 discussion w Putin (& his translator). Other G20 leaders found it...unusual.- Ian Bremmer

Trump Nominates Sane Republican As Ambassador To Russia
The White House formally announced its plans to nominate former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman as ambassador to Russia, signaling its intent to put the onetime Trump campaign critic in a leading diplomatic role.

Governor Huntsman set to join every other member of the Trump administration as an ambassador to Russia. - Jason Kander

Republican Shenanigans

RIP Republican Health Care Bill. In lieu of flowers, please send new representatives to Congress in 2018. - Stephen Colbert

The Russians Set Up Donald Jr. In OPERATION EASY AS PIE
Almost three decades before he participated in the June 2016 meeting at Trump Tower with Donald Trump Jr. and a Russian lawyer, among others, Irakly “Ike” Kaveladze accused the American press of taking part in an anti-Russian “witch hunt.”

Surprise! The party that hates the government is terrible at running the government. - Michael Ian Black


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President Trump told Republican senators that if they didn't vote for the healthcare bill, they'd look like dopes. And he combed his neck hair over the top of his head and walked away with his tie dragging on the floor. - Jimmy Fallon

Rock The Voter News

Watch Out For Wildfires
A stubborn wildfire burning in the rugged mountains outside Yosemite National Park has placed nearly 5,000 structures under threat Wednesday.
The California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection says that the fire nearly doubled in size overnight and has now scorched roughly 71 square miles.

Weird. Trump Hasn't Tweeted About This.
Despite Donald Trump’s extremely active Twitter presence on his personal @realDonaldTrump account, former President Barack Obama’s @BarackObama retains a higher follower count.
Obama’s personal account has 92 million followers, while Trump has 34.1 million. 


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Well, the mob is in the @WhiteHouse.  We have #POTUS colluding with the Russian Government; I never thought I would live to see this.- Bette Midler

Business/Tech News

This Article Made Me Think About This Quote, "There is a great future in plastics. Think about it. Will you think about it?"
Humans have created 8.3 billion metric tons of plastics since large-scale production of the synthetic materials began in the early 1950s, and most of it now resides in landfills or the natural environment, according to a study published today in the journal Science Advances.

The problem with guys who say 'Hate the sin, love the sinner' is that they actually tend to hate the sinner but kinda dig the sin. - John Fugelsang



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Odd News

Time To Deflate Photo

Las Lajas Sanctuary is a basilica church located in the southern Colombian Department of Nariño, in the municipality of Ipiales, and built inside the canyon of the Guáitara River.


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