Thursday, July 20, 2017

Nixionian Paranoia Emerges. Big Time.

Donald Trump warns Robert Mueller not to probe his family's finances 
Donald Trump has warned his special counsel from looking into his family's finances beyond the scope of his investigation into Russian interference in last year's election.

Sounds as though Trump is gearing up for a Saturday night massacre, Nixon style.

Trump just warned Mueller not to investigate his finances. Like tellin' the police, "Whatever you do, don't look in the shed."- Tea Pain

The World Is A Safer Place Without Saddam Trump

I wonder if Trump is happy that OJ Simpson is getting all the attention today. Or is he jealous?

As a cancer survivor I wish Sen. McCain the best.

Nothing ever broke John McCain. Cancer won't: Arizona Republic's view
In a life in which there is nothing left to prove, came one more catastrophic challenge Wednesday night.
“McCain has brain cancer,” roared the CNN home page.

Trump Failed to Disclose That Putin Has Office in West Wing of White House. - Andy Borowitz

While Trump Threatens Mueller & Sessions, Guess What's Going On. Russia's Sneaking In Our Back Cyber Door
Moscow and Washington are in talks to create a joint cyber security working group, Russia's RIA news agency reported on Thursday, citing Andrey Krutskikh, a special presidential envoy on cyber security.
"The talks are underway ... different proposals are being exchanged, nobody denies the necessity of holding the talks and of having such contacts," Krutskikh said, according to RIA.

Attn. R. Mueller: Pressuring officials not to recuse from an investigation when their recusal is required is itself obstruction of justice. - Richard W. Painter tweet

Republican Shenanigans

Lyin' Sessions did not intend to recuse himself. He only did so after the free press showed he was lyin' to Congress. THANK YOU FREE PRESS. - Rep. Ted Lieu

This Is What Republicans Want To Do To Americans Who Have Health Insurance
An estimated 22 million more people would lose health insurance by 2026 under the latest Republican-led Senate bill to reform health care than if the Affordable Care Act remained in place, according to a report released Thursday by the Congressional Budget Office and the Joint Committee on Taxation.

6 months. 0 legislative accomplishments. 21 weekends on the golf course. - Richard Hine

Of the 991 tweets, 502 contained all caps words, 217 contained typos, and 853 mention Hillary, Obama, or the 2016 election. - OhNoSheTwint


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Rock The Voter News

The GOP told us "the U.S. government is corrupt" for years.  Then we elected 'em and they proved it. - Tea Pain

Democrats Hope To Get Their Message Out. Me, Too.
Democrats will begin rolling out their message for the 2018 midterm elections next week, Rep. Joe Crowley, D-N.Y., the No. 4 House Democrat, told reporters Wednesday.
“I recognize that waiting for Trump to implode … will not work,” Crowley said. “What will work is Democrats having a message that appeals to the average American.”


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Business/Tech News

No thanks, HBO. If I want to see an alternate reality where the South won the Civil War I'll attend a Trump rally where people think it did. - OhNoSheTwitnt

Dollar Hits Two Year Low
The dollar hit a nearly two-year low against the euro, after the European Central Bank signaled it could start discussing in the fall a plan to pare back its bond purchases.

If I had a time machine I'd stop OJ from killing those ppl so that nobody would ever know what a Kardashian is. 
#OJSimpsonParole - John Fugelsang




Odd News

Time To Deflate Photo
Egyptians were hacking long before Russians. This axe is around 3600 years old.


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