Monday, February 13, 2017

I took this screenshot on Facebook

Mar-a-Lago Guest Poses With the Guy Who Has the Nuclear Codes, Posts Photo
We are living in a world where people who pay to be a member of a Florida social club now have direct access to the people who make the decisions about what to do or not do with our nuclear weapons.
And you thought your local country club was exclusive.

My my my, this has turned into a frighteningly real Reality Show, nuclear football pix and all. So any unvetted member of Trump's club has access to the guy with the nuclear codes. The post was still up on Facebook at the time of this post.

Forget emails! Trump discusses top secret national security in a public dining area. Spies just need a membership. - Warren Holstein

The World Is A Safer Place Without Saddam Trump

Doctors who have been studying the skeletal structures of both Republicans for months believe that their ability to stand, walk, and even break into a brisk trot when confronted by reporters’ questions is “virtually inexplicable.” - Andy Borowitz

Our Intel Community May Save Us From Trump
Our Intelligence Community is so worried by the unprecedented problems of the Trump administration—not only do senior officials possess troubling ties to the Kremlin, there are nagging questions about basic competence regarding Team Trump—that it is beginning to withhold intelligence from a White House which our spies do not trust.

Everyone in the GOP is now cordially invited to STFU about how "careless" Hillary was with classified info. - goldengateblond

Lax Security At The Winter White House. What Could Go Wrong?
The iceberg wedge salads, dripping with blue cheese dressing, had just been served on the terrace of Mar-a-Lago Saturday when the call to President Donald Trump came in: North Korea had launched an intermediate-range ballistic missile, its first challenge to international rules since Trump was sworn in three weeks ago...Trump took the call on a mobile phone at his table, which was set squarely in the middle of the private club's dining area.

Donald J. Trump will not let North Korea distract him from his war with Nordstrom.
- Andy Borowitz

Republican Shenanigans

I demand to see your papers, said the guy who won't produce his tax returns. - LOLGOP

Is Kellyanne In Trouble With Ivanka?
President Donald Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, has reportedly “scolded” his top adviser for promoting her clothing line from the White House.

Melania sports a sheer white décolleté dress to the delight of the peanut gallery.

If Obama had held a security meeting in public,  Fox would have renamed itself the "Obama Impeachment Network." - Tea Pain

Band of  Brothers Thugs
A man who was fired from his job as a pilot on Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, after the Guardian revealed that he was charged with a violent crime, was this weekend at the president’s estate in Florida, claiming to be part of his security team.

Somewhere in Heaven...
Abraham Lincoln: The people who claim to be my followers just totally misquoted me.
Jesus:  You don't say. - John Fugelsang


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In honor of Black History Month, Trump tried to have dinner with Jack Black. - Conan O'Brien

Trump is 100% certain there was voter fraud in 2016.  That's why he stopped the recounts in WI, PA and MI.- Tea Pain

Rock The Voter News

Ever notice the people who praised Scalia's devotion to Constitution were the ones who demanded Obama not be allowed to appoint a replacement? - John Fugelsang

Glad I Wasn't On This Flight
Passengers on the flight told multiple media outlets that the pilot got on the PA and talked about how she was going through a divorce before saying that President Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are both “assholes.” “She started off by saying that ...


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Biz/Tech News

Remember when the President of the United States was smarter and more even-tempered than you? - Conan O'Brien

Of Course There Are No Conflicts Of Interest. Trump Would Never Lie.
Critics say conflicts of interest are far from resolved, but Don Jr. and Eric press on with deals landing Trump-branded properties around the world.

Next week at Mar-a-Lago: first member who birdies the eighth hole gets to chair the next NSC Principals meeting. - Christopher Hayes


AHNC Alternative Facts

Trump Is Going To Get Us All Killed Fundraiser


Odd News

Time To Deflate Photo
An immigrant family on Ellis Island looking across New York Harbor at the Statue of Liberty, c1932.


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