Thursday, February 18, 2021

Photos of Ted Cruz Allegedly Fleeing to Cancun During Texas Arctic Blast Disaster Spark Outrage

Photos of Ted Cruz Allegedly Fleeing to Cancun During Texas Arctic Blast Disaster Spark Outrage
Photos of Ted Cruz emerged on Twitter that purports to show the Texas Senator flying to Cancun, Mexico to escape the brutal and dangerous cold spell causing blackouts in his home state of Texas. The images were shared on Twitter on Wednesday night, while millions of Texas residents are currently without power as dangerously low temperatures wreak havoc.

Ted Cruz meant to fly to Austin, but the plane was hijacked to Cancun by the Green New Deal. - Middle Age Riot

The World Is A Safer Place Without Saddam Trump

As the din of criticism intensifies against Ted Cruz for flying off to Cancun while Texans suffer, try to understand how badly he needs a nice vacation after his hard work aiding a violent insurrection. - Steven Beschloss 

The most honest chyron Fox News ever put up on the screen in its 25 year history 

Lest We Not Forget This Republican's Reaction To A Disaster on Sept. 7, 2005

I bet if Texas renamed their power grid to uterus, the state would be regulating the sh*t out of it. - Irishrygirl tweet



You guys do realize that Rick Perry, the guy who presided over the deregulation of the Texas power grid in 2002 ran our entire Department of Energy under Trump, right? - Alan

Republican Shenanigans

Apparently, Everything Republicans Touch Dies Too.
The Lincoln Project is not saying whether any of the attorneys it hired to investigate allegations of impropriety by one of its co-founders had donated to the group in the past.

The fact that Rush Limbaugh had a career at all shows you how broken this country is, he made 85 million a year because he made racist white losers feel a little less alone. - Noel Casler



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I'm mad at Ted Cruz for pushing Rush Limbaugh's death out of the news. - Jeff Tiedrich

Business/Tech News

Anti-Jacketers Rally Outside Burlington Coat Factory To Protest Liberal Cold Weather Conspiracy.  - The Onion

Walmart Is Raising Employee's Pay!

Apparently America can put a man on the moon but Texas can't keep the lights on. Houston, we have a problem. - Dan Rather



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  1. My grandfather was a motorcycle police officer in Dubuque Iowa about a hundred years ago. Back then motorcycles were motorized bicycles at best, but it was a cool job. His proudest boast on that job was that he forced a Bugati to roll in a ditch in farm country while chasing it for speeding. My gramps was a BAMF