Friday, January 29, 2021

The Jewish Are Coming! The Jewish Are Coming With Space Lasers!

House Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene has faced criticism and ridicule for posting a wide-ranging conspiracy theory tinged with anti-Semitic tropes, leading to the #JewishSpaceLasers hashtag trending on Twitter.

Politics is just entertainment now. The cheaper and dumber, the more it sells. - Robert P. Dean


The World Is A Safer Place Without Republicans

The Secret Jewish Space Laser is guarded by Hanukkah Solo and his sidekick Jewbacca. - OhNoSheTwitnt 


Rep. Cori Bush Moving Her Office Away From The Crazy Lady

What would the GOP accomplish by disavowing one peddler of conspiracy theories & the big lie - Marjorie Taylor Greene - while continuing to embrace the far more influential one - Trump himself? - Jim Sciutto, CNN


Republican Shenanigans

So Sarah Palin was just a test run for Marjorie Taylor Greene. - Jeremy Newberger



Marjorie Taylor Greene Claims Video of Her Is Actually George Soros in Disguise. - Andy Borowitz

Old School Republicans Are Fighting Back

How many Marjorie Taylor Greene's are we dealing with we think? Thousands? Hundreds of thousands? I just want to know how big an Age of Stupidity we are entering. - Jeremy Newberger


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Kevin McCarthy Stuck with Check for Lunch at Mar-a-Lago. - Andy Borowitz

Rock The Voter News

Texas Snowflake Demands Apology From AOC

AOC will soon discover that the problem with owning Ted Cruz is that no one wants to buy him. - Andy Borowitz


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I know this GameStop stuff is funny, but you have to remember this is hurting real people who own multiple boats. - Kevin Farzad

Business/Tech News

The dude who incited the GameStop run-up is a financial advisor who has now made himself over $30 million dollars.

Gotta give the guy credit. Made himself a fortune largely on the backs of other people’s money.

Sounds almost Wall Streety. - The Hoarse Whisperer 

SEC Looking At Trading Volatility 

My objective this Black History Month is to procure a space laser for my people. - Jelani Cobb





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