Thursday, May 9, 2024

MSNBC Legal Analyst Calls Trump's Trial Strategy Against Stormy Daniels the 'Nuts and Sluts Defense'

MSNBC legal correspondent Lisa Rubin chalked the Donald Trump defense team’s Stormy Daniels strategy up to a “nuts and sluts defense” after attending the former president’s hush money trial in Manhattan on Thursday.

"You’re celebrating the indictment by selling things from your store?" Necheles asks.

"Not unlike Mr. Trump," Daniels responds.

The World Is A Safer Place Without Republicans

Remember when Rick Scott's company defrauded Medicare and Medicaid then the DOJ fined it $1.7 billion? - BlueATLGeorgia

I've Always Admired Arwa Damon

Republican Shenanigans

FACT: The only way to shut him up is to LOCK HIM UP. - Middle Age Riot

Trump's #3 Son Chosen As Florida Delegate. Don Jr. and Eric Not Mentioned.
Former President Donald Trump’s 18-year-old son, Barron Trump, has been selected by the Republican Party of Florida to serve as a delegate to the Republican National Convention (RNC) in July.

Barron Trump will be a delegate at the Republican Convention. 

Also Kimberly Guilfoyle, Donald Trump Jr.’s fiancée and Michael Boulous, Tiffany Trump’s husband will be delegates. 

Oh, and Trump’s daughter-in-law is the chairperson of the Republican National Committee. 

But… but… but.  Hunter Biden

Trump Drapes Jacket Over Head So Nobody Can Tell He’s Sleeping In Court. - The Onion


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Rock The Voter News

Hold the f*ck on… RFK Jr. said a “worm got into his brain, ate a part of it and then died” and as a result, he now has “cognitive issues”?

And this guy wants to be president?
What the f*ck is even happening? - JoJoFromJerz

Kristi Noem: I cannot believe i was stupid enough to tell people i murdered a puppy. What an unforced error.

RFK Jr: Hold my dead brain worm. - Marmel

Will Biden Be On Ohio's November Ballot? At This Time, NO!

Grab ‘em by the pussy’s lawyers are currently attempting to slut shame a woman for having consensual sex. - JoJoFromJerz


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Business/Tech News

In the end, Melania Trump is just another contractor her husband isn't going to pay. - Middle Age Riot

So How Is Elon Musk's Neuralink Going? 🗲

Imagine going home to Melania after this… dinner must be awkward. - John Collins



No problem.

Odd News

Time To Deflate Photo
A ghost sculpture at the Castle Vezio, overlooking Lake Como in Italy. The plaster casts are redone yearly, often using tourists as the mold.



  1. Yesterday and today, Lisa, you reported on RFK, Jr.'s, brain worn. Yesterday, you also reported on that awful US Rep. from GA, Mike Collins, who praised white men at Ole Mias making monkey noises at a Black women grad student. Today, Collins entered the RFK story by TwiXting "You either die a Kennedy with a hole in the brain or live long enough to become a Kennedy with a hole in the brain." 🤬 I don't know if Collins can get lower than that, but I'm disgusted that he will try!! 🤬

    1. They will find a way to go lower --- bet the ranch on it