Friday, April 26, 2024

Internet probs today. I will have a new edition on Monday.

My block is a construction zone.  In a good way. New neighbors, underground electric installation and an upgraded water pipe. Taco loves all the activity. Me, too.


What the hell was that yesterday in the Supreme Court?

The last time the Supreme Court interfered in an election is why I started my website 24 years ago. We're back at square one.

And to think about it, the last time a leader in this country had full immunity was King George III. 

Be afraid. Be very afraid. And vote them all out. 

I still can’t get over Alito saying the 2020 election was questionably decided.  There is nothing he can say or do at this point that would make me believe he is anything but a kool-aid drinking cult member. - o2bnobx

So let me get this straight: The Supreme Court says women have no right to make decisions over their own bodies, but presidents have every right to commit any f-cking crime they want. - aintscarylarry

Justice Thomas’s wife texted back & forth with Mark Meadows 29 times before the insurrection, not that it matters or anything. - NashIsHereForIt

If this was a functioning democracy, we wouldn’t be waiting for 2 justices who took secret gifts from billionaires and 3 others appointed by a criminal to tell us whether it’s OK for the president to murder his rivals. - Marc Jacob

I’m pretty sure the immunity case was ruled on a month ago aboard a fancy yacht somewhere. - Rick Lenzie

Shorter SCOTUS: If Trump shot Joe Biden on 5th avenue  we'd still rule in his favor. - Josh Marshall

Breaking news: Biden privately meets with Seal Team 6. - Irishrygirl

There is no cavalry coming.  No miracle solution. No saviors. 

In the end, we, the American people - not any of our institutions - have to save our democracy by voting in defense of that democracy this fall. 

We are the cavalry. The responsibility is ours. - Eric Holder


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