Wednesday, March 20, 2024

New York AG urges appeals court to make Trump pay full bond

New York AG urges appeals court to make Trump pay full bond
The New York attorney general’s office urged a state appeals court to make former President Trump put up a full bond before pausing the multimillion-dollar judgment in his civil fraud case.

A black woman kicking Trump and his spawn out of Trump Tower, is the definition of sweet karma. - Andrea Junker

Lev Parnas just testified under oath that Toensing and DiGenova got Bill Barr to drop charges against Dmitri Firtash - a Russian oligarch that financed the Hunter Biden laptop op. - MuellerSheWrote

How Apropos. Bravo, Rep. Moskowitz! 

Trump runs his mouth and Biden runs America’s business.
You choose. - Stephen King

Republican Shenanigans

If somebody records Donald Trump being evicted from Mar-a-Lago it will be my ringtone forever. - Middle Age Riot

Paging Rand Paul's Neighbor

Obama Offers Trump Baking Show on Netflix if He Drops Out of Race. - Andy Borowitz


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I just want to point out that the ten commandments aren't Christian. They are Hebrew. - Stevie Joe Payne


The Art of the Delay
A Georgia judge enabled former President Trump to immediately appeal the recent ruling declining to disqualify Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis (D) for her romantic relationship with a top prosecutor overseeing the election interference case there.

Trump, you're still not allowed to steal an election. Even if the person who caught you has a boyfriend. - Morgan J. Freeman


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Business/Tech News

Joel Osteen kneels in awe to Trump’s grifting skills. - Kyle Keegan

This Is Strange. No Details On Why The ATF Was There. None.

Donald's yard sale is gonna be LIT AS HELL!!! "I'll take these two golden toilet seats, these 56"-waist golfing pants, and this list of our spies you stole and leaked to Russia and whatnot." - George Wallace


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Time To Deflate Photo

Jasper National Park, Canada. A little more snow on that bridge and it would be perfect for cross country skiing.


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