Friday, September 8, 2023

Number of Russian spies in US remains ‘way too big,’ says FBI director

Number of Russian spies in US remains ‘way too big,’ says FBI director
FBI Director Christopher Wray said Thursday the number of Russian spies in the U.S. remains “way too big” despite recent efforts to root them out.
“The Russian traditional counterintelligence threat continues to loom large,” Wray said at an event at the International Spy Museum. 

Biden stands with our allies and for democracy. Unlike Putin’s puppet. - David Hogg

The World Is A Safer Place Without Republicans

Pro tip: if they can convict Peter Navarro for blowing off a subpoena, they can convict Jim Jordan for blowing off a subpoena. this isn't rocket science. - Jeff Tiedrich

Isn't This Called Aiding And Abetting The Enemy?

Did everyone miss the Ronan Farrow Expose last month? I feel like I’m taking crazy pills. He told us Musk spoke to Putin and then sabotaged Ukrainian comms. - MuellerSheWrote

The war in Ukraine might be over right now if Elon Musk hadn't turned off Starlink for Vladimir Putin

I count two war criminals. - MayoIsSpicyy

Republican Shenanigans

Trump Urges Georgia Grand Jury to Indict Lindsey Graham Instead of Him. - Andy Borowitz


The Rapist Who Couldn't Stop Defaming His Victim...
Four months after a civil trial jury found that Donald Trump sexually abused and defamed advice columnist E. Jean Carroll, a federal judge ruled on Wednesday that still more of the ex-president’s comments about her were libelous. The decision means that an upcoming second trial will concern only how much more he has to pay her.

To be clear here, whether or not gifts of free private jet travel need to be valued, they still need to be reported. And Clarence Thomas didn’t. - Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse


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Rock The Voter News

Polls report that Democrats aren’t “enthusiastic” about Joe Biden. That’s like asking people if they’re “enthusiastic” about a fire extinguisher. Maybe not, but I’ll bet they like it more than their house burning down. - Andy Borowitz

The Spinmeister Network 

"CNN Poll: 61% of Americans Think Biden Was Involved in Hunter’s Business Activities as Vice President" This is like GW Bush + Cheney repeating Saddam Hussein's name and 9/11 in same  sentence over and over until Americans believed Hussein was involved in 9/11 to justify Iraq war. - Dean Obeidallah

Capitol Hill Doctor Declares Mitch McConnell Healthy Enough to Keep Harming Nation. - Andy Borowitz

Nancy Pelosi Plans To Continue Sharpening Her High Heels


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Business/Tech News

Saudis are slashing oil production to jack up gas prices before the 2024 election

North Korea is amping up nuclear tests & openly threatening us

Russia continues to wage its war of terror against Ukraine

Trump’s friends—America’s enemies—are working overtime to re-elect him. - Lindy Li

Texas Governor Ordered By Court, To Remove His Balls.

Some days it’s feels like we’re all in a really weird place where the only thing standing between us and the collapse of democracy in America is an 80 year old man. What happens the next time they come for us? - SundaeDivine


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Odd News

Time To Deflate Photo
As the result of a collision with another moon eons ago, Neptune's moon "Triton" has a retrograde orbit; an orbit in the direction opposite to its planet's rotation.
Because of the collision, Triton is getting closer to Neptune, eventually Neptune's gravity will tear it apart.


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