Monday, August 28, 2023

Biden is widely seen as too old for office, an AP-NORC poll finds. Trump has problems of his own

Biden is widely seen as too old for office, an AP-NORC poll finds. Trump has problems of his own
Americans actually agree on something in this time of raw discord: Joe Biden is too old to be an effective president in a second term. Only a few years his junior, Donald Trump raises strikingly less concern about his age.

Through the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, we’ve already announced 37,000 infrastructure projects in 4,500 communities across America. - Joe Biden

The World Is A Safer Place Without Republicans

Yevgeny Prigozhin has learned his lesson.
by Susan Collins

Will The Canary Sing?
Mark Meadows took the witness stand Monday at a hearing in Atlanta over whether the Trump White House chief of staff should be allowed to fight the Georgia indictment accusing him of participating in an illegal scheme to overturn the 2020 election in federal court rather than in a state court.

Not to brag or anything, but my wife has never texted Mark Meadows. - John Collins

Republican Shenanigans

Trump is using his presidential campaign to stay out of prison

Ramaswamy is using his campaign to dodge a legal subpoena and lawsuit in Bermuda

Christie is using his campaign to resuscitate his dead career

RFK Jr is using his campaign to grift

None give a damn about America. - Lindy Li

This Man Has Delusions of Grandeur IMHO

Oh damn. A CBS anchor just confronted & called out Chris Christie live on air, saying "You stood by [Trump] after he was accused of rape, after he praised Vladimir Putin repeatedly, after he was impeached. Didn’t you normalize his conduct for a long time?” This is good. - Victor Shi


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Rock The Voter News

I just got weighed at the Fulton County Jail and was told I weigh "Negative 17 pounds." - Mrs. Betty Bowers

Asking why women aren’t having more babies in a country with the highest maternal and infant mortality rate in the developed world, no mandated maternity leave, childcare higher than in state tuition in over 30 states, and school boards afraid of facts is hilarious. - Kyla Lacey

Contaminated Fuel In Tampa Ahead Of Hurricane

I bet Clarence Thomas uses Harlen Crow’s Netflix password. - The Hoarse Whisperer

I’m wondering if we’d be in the midst of a climate emergency right now if the Supreme Court hadn’t made George W. Bush president in 2000. - SundaeDivine


Luna is doing great except she hides under my bed for fear of more medication.

It is great to be back in the saddle again. I had a lovely visit with my son. That precious property we made an offer on -- no go -- the co-owner could not be located. So, we looked at a few properties but did not find anything in this area. The search continues.

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