Friday, July 28, 2023

Cohen to Mar-a-Lago co-defendants: ‘Run’ from Trump or ‘end up behind bars’

Cohen to Mar-a-Lago co-defendants: ‘Run’ from Trump or ‘end up behind bars’
...“Sadly, I’ve made this statement to many different people, starting with like Rudy ‘Collude-y’ Giuliani and so many others,” Cohen said on CNN on Friday. “Walt Nauta, run. Carlos [De Oliveira], run.” 

"I did nothing wrong!"

—Donald Trump

"We need to delete the evidence of me doing nothing wrong before the DOJ gets its hands on it!"

—Also Donald Trump. - Mrs. Betty Bowers tweet

The World Is A Safer Place Without Republicans

I still have that post indictment glow. How are you feeling today? - BlackKnight10K tweet

Chris Christie Inserts Knife & Twists It

A one-man crime spree. As of this moment, Donald Trump has been charged with a total of 74 felony crimes. 74…let that sink in. - Mike Sington tweet

Republican Shenanigans

Look, MAGA, I know you’re worried, but you will still be able to send your money to his commissary account. - John Collins tweet

Hey, Florida, You're Paying For Your Governor's Campaign Transportation, and It's Legal!
If it hadn’t been for a fender bender on Interstate 75 near Chattanooga, Tennessee, Tuesday morning, most folks wouldn’t know that Gov. Ron DeSantis was using state government vehicles for his 2024 run for president.

When it comes to the description of the evidence against Trump, I get a nice warm feeling every time I hear the word “voluminous.” Such an elegant word.  - Jack Hopkins tweet


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Rock The Voter News

Pitching new slogans for DeSantis: ‘Florida where the water temperature is higher than the Governor’s I.Q.’ - Noel Casler tweet

Trump Attempting To Have His Cake And Eat It, Too.
Former President Trump is fighting to be allowed to view classified evidence in the Mar-a-Lago trial outside of a secure setting, challenging standard protocol in a case where he is accused of mishandling such records.

Trump’s legal team is so skilled at lawyering, that they met with Jack Smith’s team today about Jan 6th charges and walked away with even MORE charges in the documents case for their already charged 37 times jackass of a client.

Only the best people.
Believe him. - JoJofromJerz tweet


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Business/Tech News
Do you need some good news?

Espionage is punishable by death. - MayoIsSpicyy tweet

Shame On Iowa and Arkansas Lawmakers

I watched a video on how to properly fold a bag of chips in 6 easy steps.

A simpler solution is eat the whole bag so you don't have to learn origami. - Dan Regan tweet


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