Friday, June 9, 2023

Read the Unsealed Trump Indictment — Revealing Shocking Allegations and 37 Criminal Counts

Read the Unsealed Trump Indictment — Revealing Shocking Allegations and 37 Criminal Counts
The Department of Justice has unsealed the federal indictment against former president Donald Trump. Reuters reported the indictment includes 37 different criminal counts related to the former president’s retention of classified documents after he left office.

Trump Claims DeSantis Lacks the Classified Documents Necessary to Be President. - Andy Borowitz

Trump is now facing a grand total of 71 felony charges across two indictments with a combined maximum prison sentence of over 350 years. And there’s still January 6th and the Georgia election interference indictments to look forward to. - Andrew Wortman tweet

Let's Not Celebrate Too Much...
The same Donald Trump-appointed federal judge who went out of her way to slow down the federal investigation into the former president’s mishandling of classified records has been selected to initially oversee the criminal case filed against him this week, according to a source briefed on the situation.

Declaration of Independence Found in Trump Storage Unit.  - Andy Borowitz

Pence Endorsed By National Association of Ass-Kissers. - Andy Borowitz

Two Of Trump's Lawyers Skedaddle.

Note the toilet

F-ck Hunter Biden's laptop. Donald Trump's bathroom is the real national security crisis. - Jeff Tiedrich


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Rock The Voter News

I feel like the fact that Ethel & Julius Rosenberg got the chair for far less than what Donald Trump has done should be a bigger story. - Andrea Junker tweet


Activist Sues Lauren Boebert's Nasty Mouth
An activist has sued Rep. Lauren Boebert for defamation, alleging she lied about him and his nonprofit on Fox News and in other media outlets after he made a series of allegations about her personal life as she mounted a bid for reelection.

Some say the smoke here on the east coast is coming from Canadian wildfires. It isn’t. It’s the gates of Hell opening up for Pat Robertson.


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