Wednesday, June 21, 2023

Legal experts say the charges against Hunter Biden are rarely brought

The misdemeanor tax and felony gun charges brought against President Joe Biden's son Hunter Biden are rarely prosecuted, legal experts say.

First Hunter Biden, now John Durham.  It's like show cancelation week for the Right Wing Angertainment Network. - John Fugelsang

The World Is A Safer Place Without Republicans

Call me old fashioned, but I have never mixed my socks, underwear and golf shirts with my nuclear secrets, war plans and spy info. - MayorFunkytown tweet

Republicans Are Giving Golf A Bad Name

We need a law that says both elected and appointed members of government may not accept gifts of any kind, no plane flights, no accommodations, no money, no favors, no dinners, nothing, 

Also full financial discloser and a strict code of ethics. - Stonekettle tweet

The Eyebrows of Casey DeSantis Scare Me.

Republican Shenanigans

House GOP members not happy with Lauren Boebert for forcing a vote to impeach Joe Biden. In conference, Speaker McCarty argued against it, per attendees. Many are opposed. And even a backer, MTG, criticized Boebert for copying her impeachment resolution, calling her a “copy cat” - Manu Raju, CNN tweet

Is There Such A Thing As A Mass Impeachment? Because The U.S. Supreme Court Sure Needs It.

Clarence Thomas: "I am the most unethical justice in the history of the Supreme Court."
Sam Alito: "Hold my expensive bottle of wine!"
- Norman Orenstein tweet

“An empty seat on a private plane is a free seat.” - Confucius Alito


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Rock The Voter News

Samuel Alito wrote in his will that he wanted to be cremated.

I think that women should decide what to do with his body. - Captain Obvious tweet

Schiff Censure Vote Advances, Solidifying That Republicans Are Vengeful Jerks

Trump says Ivanka won't return to the WH as it's "too painful." Other things that are too painful for Ivanka:
- Tipping
- Watching Jared eat cereal with a fork
- Brunettes
- When the maid needs an afternoon off for a kidney transplant
- Paul Rudnick tweet


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Business/Tech News

Billionaire Paul Singer Sets Fishing Record By Catching 200-lb Supreme Court Justice. - Andy Borowitz

The Submarine Is Still Missing
Officials are unsure about the source of the underwater banging noises picked up by aircraft but are searching the area where the sound was detected as rescuers race to find a missing submersible in the North Atlantic ocean.

RFK Jr. is about as much a Democrat as he is a scientist. - Stonekettle tweet

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