Friday, April 7, 2023

VP Kamala Harris to meet with 'Tennessee Three' in surprise visit to Nashville after expulsion over gun protests

Vice President Kamala Harris plans to visit Nashville Friday to push for gun control and meet with two Tennessee Democratic lawmakers who were expelled from the General Assembly after protesting for gun reform on the floor of the statehouse.

Just a reminder: many of those young people protesting at the Tennessee state Capitol yesterday will be first time voters in 2024. And they will be angry, outraged, and pissed off young voters who will vote against Republicans. It will be glorious. Just wait & watch. - Victor Shi tweet

Following yet another school shooting, Tennessee Republicans have moved on from offering empty "thoughts and prayers" in place of action. 

Now they've expelled two Democratic legislators who demanded safety for students and educators who just want to learn and teach in peace. - Hillary Clinton tweet

Many Young Girls Will Die Or Be Traumatized Because Of Idaho Laws

need some cheering up? Alvin Bragg just told Jim Jordan to f*ck off for a third time. - Jeff Tiedrich tweet

Republican Shenanigans

Clarence Thomas is a lying ass b*tch and if they got Capone for tax fraud, the feds are definitely about to get his ass. - BlackKnight10K tweet

Clarence Thomas Blames Bad Advice For His Tax Evasion
Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas has responded to a bombshell report detailing luxury travel and other gifts he and his wife Ginni Thomas enjoyed that were provided by a Republican megadonor, saying that he had previously been advised he did not have to disclose such gifts from personal friends, but due to newly adopted guidelines would do so in the future.

Republican politicians treat every new day as a challenge to be more insidious, more unethical, and more loathsome than they were the day before. - Middle Age Riot tweet


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Rock The Voter News

So glad we have a President that is doing his job and not giving his whiny opinion on everything and everyone. - Tim Hannan tweet

The GOP  Enjoys The Cruelty. They Really Do.
Ten days after narrowly defeating a bill to provide free school lunches to low-income K-12 students, the North Dakota Senate approved legislation to increase the amount of money lawmakers and other state employees receive in meal reimbursements.

I still think that the Russians got a treasure trove of information from the RNC when they hacked their data, and it was given to Trump, who has used it to influence Republicans. See Lindsey Graham's sudden change after his golf game with TFG. - Stevie Joe Payne tweet

If I was George Soros I would start publicly offering free luxury vacations to Kagan, Sotomayor and Jackson. Just to watch Fox’s head explode. - Bradley P. Moss tweet


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