Friday, March 31, 2023

Secret Service rejected plan to arrest Trump today

The exchange between the Manhattan district attorney's office and Donald Trump's team underscores the extremely delicate, unprecedented nature of the indictment.

President Biden: "I have no comment on Trump."

From the guys who brought you LOCK HER UP comes LET HIM GO. - Diedrich Bader


When Trump gets booked. He will have to be swabbed for DNA. I wonder where that will lead? - Plsgetserious tweet

Pence Poo Poos Prosecutor

Donald Trump is a walking indictment in a red tie. - Kamala Harris

Republican Shenanigans

For all those Republicans who believe if they did it to him, they can do it to you: Don’t pay hush money to any of the porn stars you sleep with. - Steven Beschloss

Marjorie Taylor Greene  Is Going To NEW YORK CITY To Protest

your reminder that every Democrat believes that if Hunter Biden broke the law, he should be punished, and every Republican believes that Donald Trump should be above the law. look at them, they're all out there proving it right now. - Jeff Tiedrich


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Rock The Voter News

Most born and raised New Yorkers have witnessed DJT get away with corrupt, criminal, racist behavior for decades. He polls under 10% in Manhattan because they know him. Only fitting the first (of several and more serious to come) indictments come from his old stomping grounds. - Luis Moreno tweet

Is This Guy Auditioning To Be Trump's New Lawyer?
Andy McCarthy, a conservative legal commentator for Fox News and National Review as well as a former federal prosecutor, condemned the impending indictment of Donald Trump as a “classic abuse of power” on Friday, drawing special attention to the fact that it would include 34 counts.

To all those talking heads on cable news who are gravely bemoaning what has become of the "Party of Reagan," please stop. Reagan engaged in an illegal war in Nicaragua for which both he and his vice president, George HW Bush, should have been impeached. The Party of Reagan is alive and well and paying hush money to porn stars. - Andy Borowitz

If we simply required gun owners to carry liability insurance, the insurance industry would destroy the gun industry. - Mohamad Safa


CNN Wants Patience With Their Low Ratings. Hey, Just Go Back To Doing The News Instead Of Catering To The Right.
CNN's leadership is preaching patience even though thousands of viewers are abandoning the network during its attempted turnaround, with no indication yet whether it will be rewarded.
Cable news ratings are down across the board compared to 2022, when Russia's invasion of Ukraine was fresh in the news. CNN's dip is most dramatic — 61% in prime time in March, with Fox News Channel down 27% and MSNBC off by 12%, according to the Nielsen company.

Who else wouldn’t be surprised if Trump sells autographed copies of his mug shot? - Jon Cooper tweet

Happy Birthday, Christopher Walken!


Thank you!


Odd News

Time To Deflate Photo
Phra Nang Beach, Krabi, Thailand is my idea of a perfect vacation with a sandy beach and a hammock, I need a hammock.


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