Monday, February 13, 2023

Jack Smith makes moves in federal Trump investigations

Special counsel Jack Smith has been moving aggressively since being named to take over inquiries into former President Donald Trump nearly three months ago.

So, Jack Smith subpoenaed Pence last week, and now has in his possession a laptop and a thumb drive with classified materials, that belonged to a Trump aide. Hunter must be giggling right now.

It would be a delicious irony if Pence ended up hanging Trump. - Ron Asher tweet

The World Is A Safer Place Without Republicans

I’m gobsmacked after reading the WAPO piece on Trump/Kushner’s corruption w/MBS & KSA while in office. I’m no stranger to their grift but it still stings. It’s like reading about bank heist & murder and knowing the culprits not only got away with it but are planning round two. - Noel Casler tweet

China Attempts The Art of Distraction
China on Monday said more than 10 U.S. high-altitude balloons have flown in its airspace during the past year without its permission, following Washington's accusation that Beijing operates a fleet of surveillance balloons around the world. The United States denied that it operates any surveillance balloons over China.

It must be weird watching us from outside the United States. - John Collins tweet

Extraterrestrials Admit Responsibility for Unidentified Objects But Claim They Were Only Monitoring Weather. - Andy Borowitz

Republican Shenanigans

Trump Proposes Building Forty-Mile-High Wall To Keep Out Balloons. - Andy Borowitz

Nothing annoys Republicans more than Democrats posting videos of them saying things that they only wanted their base to hear. - Ron Filipkowski tweet

That Ohio Train Wreck Fire Is Still Spewing Airborne Chemicals After Ohio Blew It Up. So...
A West Virginia water utility is enhancing its water treatment process as a precaution following the derailment of a train hauling chemicals that later sent up a toxic plume in Ohio.

So has anybody in Washington, Republican or Democrat, suggested maybe they need to look at rail regulations again? Or are we just going to pretend airborne toxic events are unavoidable? - Schooley tweet


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Rock The Voter News

Ron DeSantis is gaslighting Black children to prevent privileged white children from ever feeling sad. This is white supremacy. - Imspeaking13 tweet

Welcome To Florida: College Board Sues DeSantis For Slander

Palin Fails To Spot High Altitude Object Over Alaska. - Andy Borowitz


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Business/Tech News

BREAKING NEWS: Super Bowl Spectator Kari Lake Files Suit Against NFL Claiming Philadelphia Won Game. - Liam Nissan tweet

Underwear Tax 35% Higher For Women

Good morning and Happy Monday to everyone who knows about Black inventions like folding chairs, gas masks, traffic signals, potato chips and much more because they don't have a jackass governor like Ron DeSantis banning that history in schools.

Happy Black History Month. - Brooklyn Dad Defiant tweet




Odd News

Time To Deflate Photo
Apparently, this eagle used a selfie stick.


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