Friday, January 27, 2023

On Trump's Social Network: Ads for Miracle Cures, Scams and Fake Merchandise

Between posts about conspiracy theories and right-wing grievances was an unusual advertisement: a photo of former President Donald Trump holding a $1,000 bill made of gold...

Most Republicans want the government out of their lives.

It’s why they keep voting for the most incapable people to run it. - 7 veritas4 tweet

The World Is A Safer Place Without Republicans

Bill Barr is every bit as much a charlatan and bullsh*t artist as Donald Trump. The chickens are coming home to roost. - Jack Hopkins tweet

I Won't Watch That Brutal Beating
After-school activities in Memphis were canceled and President Joe Biden called for peaceful protests ahead of the Friday release of footage of a traffic stop that led to the death of a 29-year-old Black driver.

Black men are scared to death of being brutalized and killed by cops during a routine traffic violation. CAN YOU BLAME US⁉️ - Christopher Webb tweet

Remember, the Holocaust didn’t start with gas chambers in Auschwitz.

It started with politicians dividing the people with “us vs them”. 

It started with intolerance and hate speech. 

It started when people stopped caring, became desensitized, and turned a blind eye.

Remember. - Andrea Junker tweet

Republican Shenanigans

Discovery of George Santos’s Racist Jokes Could Save His Career as Republican. - Andy Borowitz

Spoiler Alert: Trump Did It.
One of the enduring mysteries surrounding the chaotic attempts to overturn Donald Trump’s defeat in the 2020 presidential battle has been solved: who made a secret $1m donation to the controversial election “audit” in Arizona?

National Archives Missing Several Documents From President Millard Fillmore. - Andy Borowitz


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Rock The Voter News

Your reminder that Paul Pelosi was savagely beaten by some MAGA moron and the top three Republican responses were to blame antifa, to accuse the Pelosis of staging it, and to imply that the Pelosis had it coming to them. ace job, you f*cking ghouls. - Jeff Tiedrich

The Beginning Of The 2 Year Nonsense Amendments

Do you think Lauren Boebert has ever sat down and read a copy of the New York Times, or The Economist, or even the placemat in front of her at a Cracker Barrel? I'm still shocked at the level of anti-intellectualism in the GOP. They're all just so....dumb. - Noel Casler


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Business/Tech News

I heartily endorse Mike Lindell for RNC Chair and Marjorie Taylor Greene for trump’s waddling mate. Let the GOP crank the insanity up to 11 and destroy themselves once and for all. - Scary Larry tweet

Damn the DOJ. Just When I was Looking Forward To Upgrading My AR-15. 😏
The Department of Justice (DOJ) said Thursday that it has received a temporary court order blocking two firearms companies from selling a device that officials say converts AR-15-style rifles into machine guns. 

People like Kimberly Guilfoyle shouldn't be allowed on the furniture. - Liam Nissan

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