Friday, December 16, 2022


Federal investigators have accessed emails of Rep. Scott Perry, John Eastman and other Trump allies in 2020 efforts
Federal investigators have obtained access to several email accounts, a draft autobiography and other writings in which Republican Rep. Scott Perry, Donald Trump elections attorney John Eastman, and former Justice Department officials Jeffrey Clark and Ken Klukowski discussed the 2020 election, according to a newly released order in the DC District Court.

You know what would be a nice distraction from Elon?

Indictments. - KD tweet

The World Is A Safer Place Without Saddam Trump

If George Soros bought Twitter and then promptly banned a bunch of Fox News reporters who were critical of him, I’m fairly certain Republicans would stop the rotation of the earth. - Jesse Coleman tweet

Aw, The Defense Dept. Only Gets $858 Billion This Year.

Jimmy Kimmel on Trump’s plummeting poll numbers: “He’s looking like such a loser right now, we may have to start calling him Don Jr.”

Republican Shenanigans

I liked twitter a lot better when people were suspended for inciting violent coups. - Liam Nissan

What Is Madison Cawthorn Doing? His Lawyers Want Their Money.

Steve Bannon and Michael Flynn are making fun of Trump’s trading cards. And it’s glorious. - ImSpeaking13 tweet


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Rock The Voter News

Gee, I don’t remember President Obama selling Black Panther digital trading cards. - Captain Obvious tweet

Passing Sane Guns Laws Won't Work Without Sane Judges
An Oregon judge has blocked a gun control measure banning high-capacity magazines from taking effect while court battles over its constitutionality play out...“That the large capacity magazine bans promote public safety is mere speculation,” Raschio said in the ruling. “The court cannot sustain restraint on constitutional right on mere speculation that the restriction could promote public safety.” 

When the billionaire who founded and owned Little Caesars passed away, his family found out he was helping Rosa Parks pay her rent for years. He never told anyone, just did it.

I wish more billionaires would do that. - Tony Posnanski tweet


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Business/Tech News

All I want for Christmas is Donald Trump is prison and Elon Musk on Mars. - Mayo tweet

IMHO Childhood Vaccines Should Be Mandatory

From PBS, "In 1918, Henry Ford purchased his hometown newspaper, The Dearborn Independent. A year and a half later, he began publishing a series of articles that claimed a vast Jewish conspiracy was infecting America."



Odd News

Time To Deflate Photo
New York City at night captured by the astronauts aboard the ISS. It's all gold and glittery.

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