Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Amy Coney Barrett Should Recuse Herself From Gay Rights Case, Say Survivors of Her Cultish Religious Group

Oral arguments in what's being deemed a potential “free speech blockbuster” case won't begin until next month, but survivors of People of Praise are already pushing Supreme Court

The biggest danger of taking your child to a drag show is that a Christian could show up with a gun. - NB_Draws tweet

The World Is A Safer Place Without Republicans

I’m sorry to hear this. Sadly, Twitter is now overloaded by vile people who relish inflicting pain. It’s not hard to understand where they learned this is acceptable. But do know there are good and decent people who hope with time’s passage, your grief will become more bearable. - Steven Beschloss tweet

Good Move By AP. Other News Organizations Should Take Heed About Their Political Reporters. 

Unarmed queers in a gay bar in Colorado Springs were able to do what hundreds of armed men couldn't do in Uvalde. - Dan Savage tweet

Republican Shenanigans

Rep. Adam Schiff to ABC on Kevin McCarthy: "I suspect he will do whatever Marjorie Taylor Greene wants him to do. He's a very weak leader of this conference, meaning that he will adhere to the wishes of the lowest common denominator."

Mike Pence Is Such A Weenie.

What Musk is doing to Twitter is the perfect metaphor for the Republican Party and America. They'll burn the whole country down and take us all with them, just to make sure no one else gets a voice or any joy. - Stonekettle tweet


Click here to meet C.W.


Rock The Voter News

America: Where uteruses are more regulated than assault weapons. - Jonah Tillman tweet

Florida Man Unknowingly Predicts His Future Foot Shooting
Sounding more and more like a future presidential candidate, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis arrogantly boasted to a group of Republicans that people are willing to “walk barefoot over broken glass” to vote for him because he’s such a superlative leader.

Today marks 59 years of ppl accepting that 1 bullet caused 7 wounds on 2 men.  - John Fugelsang

Musk has now gone too far using his power to promote horrible, violence-inducing liars who are taking the country and the world backwards and endangering the democracy that made you rich and successful in the first place. - Jack White

Disney Rehires Bob Iger As CEO To Bring The Magic Back
Bob Iger is returning as Disney CEO in a shocking leadership shakeup, with current CEO Bob Chapek stepping down, the company announced in a press release. Iger is set to return temporarily for two years, with a mandate for "renewed growth" and to find and groom his successor. Iger said he's returning "with an incredible sensor of gratitude and humility — and, I must admit, a bit of amazement."

How long before Elon is outside Mar-a-Lago holding a boom box over his head. - Jeff Tiedrich

Drag Shows are not inherently sexual but Child Beauty Pageants 100% are, hope this helps! - kennedycooper tweet


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