Thursday, July 7, 2022

House Republicans weigh national abortion restrictions

House Republicans weigh national abortion restrictions
House Republicans are weighing what kind of national-level abortion ban legislation to pursue if they win the House majority next year, with a 15-week ban or further on the table.

Too bad Liz Cheney's deep commitment to American freedoms doesn't include women's freedom of choice. - Andy Borowitz

The World Is A Safer Place Without Republicans

Fox News claims weed turns people into mass shooters.

I’m convinced Fox News turns people into mass shooters. - 7Veritas4

Well, This Is Nothing More Than A Slap On The Hand
A former Trump supporter received a three-year probation sentence and a $7,000 fine on Wednesday after sending an email to Rep. Ilhan Omar’s (D-Minn.) campaign in which he threatened to kill her and other “Squad” members.

Britain has socialized medicine, gun control *and* consequences for poor leadership?

I know it’s been 246 years since we broke up, but….sup? - cpoliticditto tweet

Republican Shenanigans

Oh, LOOK! Sane Republicans!
A group of nine Pennsylvania Republicans has broken with the state GOP and announced support for the Democratic candidate for governor Josh Shapiro, calling his GOP opponent — state Sen. Doug Mastriano — an "extremist" who threatens American democracy.

Conservative leader Boris Johnson was the Donald Trump of England. Do you know who voted him out? His own party. How ironic is it that England is better at democracy than America? - JaneOfThe North tweet

I heard a frustrated Democrat on the radio say, "We voted in 2020." That's like saying, "I fed the baby yesterday." - Paula Poundstone


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Rock The Voter News

If extremist governors try to block a woman from traveling from a state that prohibits her from seeking the medical help she needs to a state that provides that care, we will act to protect her bedrock rights. - Joe Biden tweet

So, How's The Hunter Biden Investigation Going?
A House Republican accused the Treasury Department in a letter Wednesday of running interference for the White House in an effort to stymie efforts to investigate Hunter Biden's finances.

Satanists Hopeful Supreme Court Will Legalize Human Sacrifice Rituals at Pep Rallies. - Andy Borowitz

Rupert Murdoch has lost a President, two Prime Ministers, a wife, and a son from the family business in the space of two years. Good times. - Victoria Fielding

Good News. Judge Actually Cares About The Endangered Species Act.

A real “pro-life” movement would ban assault rifles while enacting Medicare for All, paid sick leave, universal childcare, and a living wage. - Robert Reich



Odd News

Time To Deflate Photo
I see your “Hand of God” and raise you a "Godzilla".


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