Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Thomas no longer eager to speak to Jan. 6 committee

A lawyer for Virginia "Ginni" Thomas has dimmed prospects for an appearance before congressional investigators probing the Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol riot.

Hillary Clinton testified for 11 hours and never invoked the fifth amendment under oath because she didn’t have anything to hide.

The World Is A Safer Place Without Republicans

In New Ruling, God Says He Ignores Prayers At Sporting Events. - Andy Borowitz

Melania Was All In On Jan 6.

This is your reminder that Donald Trump could eat a live baby on TV and it probably wouldn't change anyone's opinion of him. - John Fugelsang

Republican Shenanigans

We probably should've known that presidency would end with ketchup dripping down a wall, but then, Heinz sight is 2020. - Justin Chang tweet

Tucker Carlson Comes Up With Some Lulus

The "masks are child abuse" and "the child must birth a baby" venn diagram is a circle. - Assistant Prof tweet


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Rock The Voter News

Speaker Pelosi receiving communion at the Vatican after being refused by a hyper-partisan archbishop in the U.S. is one hell of a response. Brilliant.

Too bad Liz Cheney's deep commitment to American freedoms doesn't include women's freedom of choice. - Andy Borowitz

The two first polls since Roe was overturned say that over 65% Gen Z is much more likely to vote after this. 

Republicans f*cked up. - Santiago Mayer


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Business/Tech News

If you think gas is expensive, wait until you see what an unwanted pregnancy costs. - BlackKnight10K tweet

Giuliani Pal Convicted. Maybe You're Next, Rudy?

Jesus on public prayer: “And when you pray, do not be like the hypocrites, for they love to pray … on the street corners to be seen by others… But when you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen.” Matthew 6:5-6.

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