Thursday, June 2, 2022

NEW POLL: Majority of Americans Say Let Teachers Carry Guns — And Even Half of Democrats Want More Guns in Schools

NEW POLL: Majority of Americans Say Let Teachers Carry Guns — And Even Half of Democrats Want More Guns in Schools
A new poll shows that a majority of Americans say teachers and administrators should be allowed to carry firearms in school, with strong dissent from Democratic voters.

Mass shootings are crowding other mass shootings out of the news cycle. - Molly Jong-Fast

The World Is A Safer Place Without Republicans

I just heard from every civilized country in the world. They can’t fucking believe we allow anyone to walk into a store and buy a weapon designed to kill people in war. - Ken Olin

I Burst Into Tears When I Heard The Mariachi Musicians Serenade Uvalde.
People from all over the country have been traveling to Uvalde, to pay their respects for the 21 victims that lost their lives last Tuesday at Robb Elementary.

It’s hard to appeal to the humanity in people when one third of our population has none. - John Collins

Republican Shenanigans

Only in the U.S. can you get shot in school, go the hospital, get shot again, recover, then go to church — only to get shot once more. - Lakota Man

WTF? A "Negotiator" Tried Calling The Uvalde Gunman? Something Is Very Wrong In Uvalde.
As the deadly school shooting at Robb Elementary School unfolded in Uvalde, Texas, last week, a would-be negotiator was frantically trying to reach the gunman via cellphone from a funeral home across the street, the city's mayor has said...When he arrived, McLaughlin, a Republican, said he came across an official he identified as "the negotiator."

TED CRUZ: The doors!
JD VANCE: The porn!
CAMPOS-DUFFY: The lack of prayer!
LARA TRUMP: The family!
ALEX JONES: The Transgenders!
WSJ: Woke culture!
GUNS: Exactly! - Jeremy Newberger


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Rock The Voter News

Think about it: If a plane crashed every day w/ 110 people on it, Congress would be outraged. It would act immediately to prevent more deaths. Yet everyday, 110 people die from gun violence & NOTHING changes. Instead, shootings occur day after day after day. This is NOT normal. - Rep. Jackie Speier

Florida Supreme Court Ensures That Florida Stays Red

When you go to the polls, I suggest that we all show up with the cameras in our phones on.

Some of us will catch Republicans trying to intimidate people. We need to send as many of them to jail as possible. - DesignationSix tweet


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Elon Musk Mystified That Tesla Employees Don’t Want To Spend All Day With Him. - Andy Borowitz

I will never forgive Fox News for what they did to my parents. - John Collins

CNN To Change Editorial Strategy. To What?
New CNN President Chris Licht announced a number of changes to the network’s editorial strategy in the coming months, signaling his first initiatives since taking over as head of the cable news giant last month.

America lost its way somewhere between the Kardashians & Honey Boo Boo. - TG tweet



Odd News

Time To Deflate Photo
The Pieta by Michelangelo. That is the most beautiful sculpture I have ever seen.


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