Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Madison Cawthorn loses his seat in Congress after a turbulent 2 years in office

Madison Cawthorn loses his seat in Congress after a turbulent 2 years in office
Madison Cawthorn, the youngest member of Congress whose two years in Washington were marred by a steady stream of embarrassments that exasperated GOP leaders, lost his seat in a Republican primary contest on Tuesday night

Now Madison Cawthorn faces an interesting red-pill-blue-pill moment. 

He can take the job Fox News is going to offer him, and stay in the far-right matrix. Or he can turn on all the GOP leaders who screwed him — naming names and cooperating with investigators. - Tristan Snell

The World Is A Safer Place Without Republicans

It's easier to buy a gun in America than it is to adopt a kitten from a shelter. Just sayin'. - Lorenzo the Cat tweet

Ben Franklin Advocated Do-It-Yourself Home Abortions

Every breaking news alert on a shooting tragedy today brought to you by the letters GOP, NRA and FOX. - Shannon Watts

Republican Shenanigans

Nation’s Doctors Praying for Dr. Oz to Win and Quit Medicine. - Andy Borowitz

Casino Magnate Denies He's A Foreign Agent

Now, I’d like to list all the scams Dr. Oz has tried to foist on his audience, but we only have an hour show. - Stephen Colbert

It’s funny how Republican politicians claim that mail-in ballots are all fraudulent unless their electoral victories depend on them. - John Collins
The lunatics who used to call in live to C-SPAN & make Brian Lamb cringe have now taken over a political party & made democracy cringe. - John Fugelsang

Weird, there's no Republicans crying fraud about any of last night's election results. - The Lincoln Project


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Oh my god. He could do so much with that money: address world hunger, fix climate change, get a decent haircut. - Stephen Colbert on Elon Musk


CNN Hires Ex-Fox Anchor. Shaking My Head.
Executives at CNN plan to give anchor Chris Wallace a Sunday evening show on the network after its subscription-based streaming service, which he was previously hired to work for, was abruptly shuttered last month.



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Time To Deflate Photo

Downtown Banff in Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada.


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  1. actually put a horse on an elevator once. She didn't seem worried, but I think they flew her here from New Zealand when she was younger, and she'd probably had worse. One floor and no airplane was okay, and polo got played right after, so all good as far as she was concerned. Went down the ramp after the game, tho