Friday, March 11, 2022

Biden administration set to extend travel mask mandate for another month

Biden administration set to extend travel mask mandate for another month
The Transportation Security Administration is set to extend the federal public transportation mask mandate for another 30 days, an administration official told CNN, pointing to guidance from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Anti-maskers are the perfect example of Americans exercising their freedom to be assholes.

The World Is A Safer Place Without Republicans

"Trump in 2024" is another way of saying "Believe it or not, Republicans don't have anyone better." - Middle Age Riot

China Backs Russia On Biological Weapons Conspiracy Theory

Ukraine has a drone that drops Molotov cocktails. Yes you read that right. - Tristan Snell

Republican Shenanigans

Truckers Call Off Protest After Realizing It Meant Listening To Ted Cruz Talk. - Andy Borowitz

Please stop sending money to a guy with multiple bankruptcies, a busted plane, and no accountant. - John Collins

Please pray for Jen Psaki, she's currently undergoing surgery to remove her foot from Peter Doocy’s ass. - AvengerResister tweet

Biden Reminds Americans That The GOP Is Full Of BS, In A Nice Way.
President Joe Biden ripped Republicans in a speech to Democrats, and mocked GOP lawmakers who took credit for infrastructure projects after voting against the bipartisan bill that funds them.


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Business/Tech News

Just in: With the recent spike in crude prices,... the major oil companies have announced that they will now be able to afford several more Republican members of Congress. - Roshan Rinaldi

Republicans Continue To Dumb Down Florida
Legislation restricting how race is discussed in the workplace was approved by Florida lawmakers and sent to Gov. Ron DeSantis, paving the way for the first law of its kind in the country.

Expensive gas has replaced COVID as the #1 excuse to not visit annoying people in your life. - Jeremy Newberger


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