Monday, January 24, 2022

Don Jr. Social Media Rant Goes Viral For All the Wrong Reasons

Don Jr. Social Media Rant Goes Viral For All the Wrong Reasons
Donald Trump Jr. uploaded a bizarre rant to Facebook on Friday, which went viral over the weekend for all the wrong reasons.
The nearly 5-minute video titled “Pathetic: Biden can’t read a teleprompter!” has been viewed on Trump Jr.’s Facebook page over 390,000 times, but on Twitter, where critics derided the clip, it has been seen by millions as the former first son trended on the social media platform.

“I was a massive Joe Biden fan and liberal until I saw this video and now I want to vote Republican.”
- Nobody

The World Is A Safer Place Without Republicans

If Trump were still in office he’d be helping Putin invade Ukraine. - Tim Hannan

Biden Is Busy Building A Coalition. 

If you don't need to get vaccinated because God will protect you, why do you need a gun? - Alex Cole

Of the many mutations of stupi-dity found in Texas, this one stands out…We know that it has travelled as far as Cancun. 
-- Dr. Fauci


Anti Vaxxers Hold Another Super Spreader Event In D.C.
Thousands of protesters from across the country - including some of the biggest names in the anti-vaccination movement - descended on the nation's capital Sunday for a rally against vaccine mandates.

Parents Struggle to Explain to Children Who Sarah Palin Was. - Andy Borowitz


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Rock The Voter News

Joe Manchin is running around the halls of the Senate telling reporters “we’re not going to obstruct people from voting.”

Meanwhile 50% of mail-in ballot applications are being rejected in Texas. - Sawyer Hackett

Bill Barr Tells Jan 6 Committee That He Knows Nothing. Absolutely Nothing.

Do you know what is on Hunter Biden’s laptop?

Emails from Tucker Carlson asking Hunter to help his son get into Georgetown. - Gabe Sanchez


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Business/Tech News

Now that the stock market is starting to struggle I look forward to an immediate $1 trillion corporate bailout by mid-week. - Dan Price

Maybe Russia Will Collapse As The USSR Did
The U.S. is threatening to use sweeping export controls against key Russian industries if Moscow invades Ukraine, a senior administration official confirmed to The Hill. 

American retailers and oil companies have been price gouging (and pulling in record profits) for the entire pandemic and those silly Trump-lovin flap-jacks think it's all Biden's fault. - Liam Nissan

I hear y'all think the NFL overtime rules are some bull.

Let me tell you about the filibuster. - Matt Rogers



  1. That old board game is the Royal Game of Ur, ca. 1800 BC.
    The rules are known because there is a cuneiform tablet in the British Museum which has been translated by Irving Finkel, curator in charge of Assyrian literature. There's even a video on YouTube where he explains the rules.