Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Leaders urge Americans to cancel New Year plans

Leaders across the country are urging Americans to scrap their New Year's Eve plans and stay home for the second year in a row.
Cases spreading at a record-setting pace...

If this were 1942 instead of 2022, Republicans would be running against food and energy rationing in the name of freedom.

No concept of sacrifice or patriotism. - Michael Rosenberg

The World Is A Safer Place Without Republicans

Sen. Claire McCaskill:”Merrick Garland is either going to rise to the occasion or go down in infamy as one of the worst attorney generals in this country’s history.

The Beginning Of Draining The Right Wing's Pockets

I’d like to think Merrick Garland has a plan.

I’d like to think it. - John Collins

Republican Shenanigans

Jurors in the Ghislane Maxwell trial sent the judge a note asking if they can convict Trump as well. According to highly unreliable sources. - Hoodlum tweet

Dr. Oz has a new miracle pill. You take it and it makes you forget that Dr. Oz sold fake miracle pills. - Jeremy Newberger

COVID Cruise Ships Can Dock In Mexico

Every week Republicans are excited about a new candidate because the one they liked last week turned out to be a mooooron.
--Andy Borowitz


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Rock The Voter News

I  can’t believe we live in a country stupid enough to tear itself apart over Donald f*cking trump. Insane. - Luke Zaleski tweet

Rest In Peace, Harry Reid
Harry Reid, the pugnacious son of a Nevada hard-rock miner who rose from poverty to become the U.S. Senate majority leader and earned a reputation as a fierce partisan fighter during an era of political gridlock in Washington, died on Tuesday. He was 82.

My favorite Harry Reid story is when he worked on the Nevada Gaming Commission in the 1970s, and a mobster tried to bribe him. Reid went to the FBI and set up a sting, but when the time came, Reid went off-script and choked the guy! "You son of a bitch, you tried to bribe me!" - Adversus Nihilismus tweet


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Business/Tech News

"Let's Go Brandon" is code for "I park on my front lawn" - Liam Nissan

You Couldn't Pay Me To Go On A Cruise During A Pandemic
86 cruise ships carrying passengers in U.S. waters were reporting coronavirus cases onboard, the most since the comeback, according to CDC tracking data.

When this pandemic is over, I'm still going to need that 6 feet of social distancing.



Odd News

Time To Deflate Photo

-42 Celsius in Novosibirsk, Russia, is not on my bucket list.


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  1. Here is an image I made (and am sharing) after trying to do a facebook 'feelings' search. This is when you make a post and can add a feeling to it, which facebook then appends to the post. Shocking I tell you.

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