Friday, October 22, 2021

Hackers broke into Donald Trump's upcoming social-media site

Hackers broke into Donald Trump's upcoming social-media site, creating fake accounts for Trump and Steve Bannon and posting a photo of a defecating pig
Former President Donald Trump's upcoming social-media site, Truth Social, was hacked just a few hours after the announcement of its launch.
Hackers claiming affiliation with the group Anonymous created fake accounts for Trump and his former aide Steve Bannon on Truth Social, the network that Trump announced Wednesday...

BREAKING - Lev Parnas is guilty on all 6 counts for campaign finance illegality. 

Consider it the opening act for the coming Rudy Giuliani headliner. - Tristan Snell

The World Is A Safer Place Without Republicans

It turns out that calling them “deplorables” was too kind. - John Collins

This Black Woman Wants To Be White So Bad.
Outspoken conservative political commentator Candace Owens has suggested the US military invade Australia in order to free its people “suffering under a totalitarian regime” while drawing comparisons to Hitler, Stalin and the Taliban.

Candace Owens talking about invading Australia as if we stand a chance against people who survive great white attacks by punching sharks in the face. - OhNoSheTwitnt

Republican Shenanigans

9 Republicans for America. 
202 Republicans for Steve Bannon. - Andrea Junker

Matt Gaetz Needs A Secretary
This is one bar tab Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) may regret not paying.

Steve Bannon Cited For Contempt Of Hygiene. Also Congress. - Jeff Tiedrich

I’m so f-ing tired of all these Moms claiming to know more than doctors. How about this, when your kid breaks his arm, take him to your yoga class instead of the hospital. - Ty Webb



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Rock The Voter News

Republicans Have No Shame. None.


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Business/Tech News

Crypto-Averse Man Would Prefer Investing In Traditional Stock Market He Also Doesn’t Understand. - The Onion


Twitter Finds Itself Right Leaning. Please Repair, Twitter!

Facebook should just change its name to "I can't believe I went to High School with such idiots." - Randi Mayem Singer

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  1. Ohio is a notorious RED State...Why are people so surprised by this Republican Incompetence...???