Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Biden criticizes Texas' draconian new abortion law, vows to defend abortion rights

Biden said that his administration is “deeply committed” to protecting the constitutional right established under Roe v. Wade.

If Republicans had to pay to raise the children they "saved" from abortion, Roe v. Wade would be safer than a Confederate flag in Alex Jones' bunker. - Middle Age Riot

How long before the first vigilante abortion cases against women in Texas? 


How long before we start seeing Abortion Chaser lawyers advertising in Texas? 

Is that slut next door thinking about killing her baby? Call Bob Stasi today! 1-800-PRO-LIFE. He'll get you paid!

These religious nuts are never done, it's never enough, they never have enough power. 

What will come next is this: any suspected pregnancy will become the responsibility of the state. You have a miscarriage? You'll be charged with manslaughter. And they're coming for birth control too. Yes they are and don't let them try and lie to you that they aren't. The vigilantes will be watching. They don't have to look in your windows or paw through your trash (though they'll be doing that too), everything necessary for the state to track suspected pregnancy is already in place. Smart phones. Store reward cards. Store apps. Smart watches. Credit/Debit card records. Online medical records. Et al. The retailer Target ALREADY does this. In some cases they know you're pregnant before you do -- and customize their advertising accordingly. What's Walgreen's app know about you? What's Google know about you, just from tracking your location and buy habits? 

And once that capability exists, it's only a matter of time before it's used by the state. 

These religious nuts are never done, it's never enough, they never have enough power, never have enough control over you in the name of their miserable small god. 

Watch and see.

- Jim Wright 

The World Is A Safer Place Without Republicans

Texas’ state motto is “Friendship”, if you needed a real fucking belly laugh today.- cpoliticditto tweet

New Law Requires Texans to Have Counselling Before Being Allowed to Vote.  - Andy Borowitz

Republican Shenanigans

I remember just like it was 13 days ago when Gov. Abbott received Regeneron, a treatment developed with fetal stem cells. - CajunBlueAZ tweet

DOJ Warns About Gerrymandering 

Of course, MAGAs are taking horse meds.
Their messiah is a stable genius. - John Pavlovitz 

Bush and then Obama and then Trump could see we were faltering but none dared, until Biden, had the courage to actually end this era of cascading policy failures, failures of judgment, and failures of character. - David Rothkopf

And The Media Thought Hillary's Emails Were Bad...Imagine What Trump's Communications Will Reveal.

A Supreme Court where 5 of 6 conservative justices were appointed by GOP presidents who initially lost popular vote & confirmed by senators representing minority of Americans are taking away voting rights & reproductive rights from millions of Americans. This is not democracy. - Ari Berman



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Pure Misery In Louisiana 
The lack of electricity combined with steamy late-summer weather to make for miserable conditions for hundreds of thousands of Louisianans trying to recover from the impacts of Hurricane Ida, one of the most powerful storms ever to hit the U.S.

Under the cover of darkness, by choosing to do nothing, the Supreme Court allowed an unconstitutional abortion ban in Texas to go into effect last night. 
Their decision doesn’t change the fact that reproductive rights are human rights. 
We'll fight for them. - Hillary Clinton


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