Monday, August 16, 2021

US reaches deal with Taliban on evacuations: report

US reaches deal with Taliban on evacuations: report
The U.S. has reached a deal with the Taliban to ensure that evacuations from Kabul's airport can take place without interference from the group, according to a report by The Associated Press.
The deal was reached in talks in Doha, Qatar, between senior Taliban officials and Gen. Frank McKenzie.

Your reminder that Donald Trump wanted to invite the Taliban over to Camp David for a terrorist sleepover on 9/11 and when John Bolton said that was the stupidest f*cking bullsh*t he'd ever heard in his life, Trump fired Bolton. - Jeff Tiedrich

The World Is A Safer Place Without Republicans

Republican political strategy has two basic parts: 1.) f*cking things up, and 2.) blaming Democrats for not fixing them. - Middle Age Riot


U.S. Troops Shot and Killed Two Afghans At Kabul Airport

My Take On Afghanistan

The most powerful military in the world could not plan a swift and safe removal of personnel from Afghanistan. 

I'm so old I remember when JFK took responsibility for the Bay of Pigs loss, although it was due to bad intel from the CIA.

I find it hard to believe that Biden did not take the advice of the military on exiting Afghanistan. The military had 20 years to end the chaos there. 20 years. Maybe it is time for the military to rethink how they conduct/end wars by packing up and leaving. Apparently, Saigon's downfall didn't register with them.

Biden will own this, too. Sadly, again due to bad intel.

My heart breaks for the Afghanis who were helping the US and were left behind to fend for themselves. That is betrayal.

George W. Bush's half-hearted Afghan war was soon overshadowed by lying us into a raging Iraq war. I wonder what George Bush is painting right now for his art therapy. Pretty butterflies?

I'm glad we are leaving that god-forsaken country. It was a mistake to try and nation build from the start.

In the true-to-life-movie Charlie Wilson's War, one of the characters said after the Afghan mujahedeen (armed by Wilson & the CIA) defeated the Soviets -- "the American support always leaves."

The irony of it all, is that George W. Bush repeatedly said he was against nation building. I guess he was, since no nation was ever built.

Godspeed, Afghanistan. Deep apologies from this one American.

AllHatNoCattle Flashback to 2004

When does Fox put Ron DeSantis on for his Afghanistan take? - Schooley

And The Beat Goes On In Uzbekistan...

Republican Shenanigans

Congressperson who had no problem with extreme conservatives attempting a violent takeover of the USA laments the extreme conservatives violently taking over Afghanistan. - John Fugelsang


Republicans Are Getting Crazier, If That's Possible

So the people who want to make laws based on their religious beliefs are supposedly upset about another group that wants to makes laws based on their religious views? - Eric Garcia


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Rock The Voter News

Republicans Clarify Support For Democracy In Afghanistan Does Not Apply To Georgia, Florida or Texas - Andy Borowitz

Young Children Are Transmitting COVID-19


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Business/Tech News

If there is red tape preventing Afghan refugees from coming to America, a good thing to do would be to set that red tape on fire. - Seth Mandel

Will There Be A Taliban Cartel?
The Taliban once again control Afghanistan, which means they also control the world’s premier source of opium...Opium poppy cultivation increased by 37 percent from 2019 to 2020, and totaled 6,300 tons. In fact, despite the U.S. spending more than $8 billion to eradicate poppy production, it only increased during the American occupation: Today Afghanistan cultivates twice the acreage of opium poppy as it did before 2001. If the new Taliban government is a “pariah” per U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken, it will have no incentive to transition away from narcotics in the hope of attracting aid or investment. 

I wonder how many Republicans will support the U.S. accepting thousands of Afghan refugees. - Jon Cooper



Odd News

Time To Deflate Photo
Balanced Rock in the Garden Of The Gods in Colorado Springs, Colorado. It stands about 35 feet tall.
It looks like a head to me.


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