Thursday, August 19, 2021

Conservative Charlie Sykes slams white Christians for rejecting Afghan refugees

Conservative Charlie Sykes slams white Christians for rejecting Afghan refugees
On Thursday, writing for The Bulwark, conservative commentator Charlie Sykes criticized white Christians for their rejection of refugees in Afghanistan — and a major teaching of their own faith.

Afghan Women Who Cherish Freedom Urged To Avoid Texas. - Andy Borowitz

People who didn't mind

-the botched bin Laden Tora Bora escape
-the botched Karzai regime
-botched Nation-building we weren't gonna try
-botched reconstruction $
-a botched 20 year occupation
-botched Afghan army

...are suddenly mad at Biden's botched Afghanistan withdrawal, - John Fugelsang

If Biden OK'd Removing The Military Before People In Afghanistan, Say Hello To A GOP President, House & Senate In 2024

holy f*cking sh*t, I'll take a thousand Afghan refugees hoping to find better lives in America over one MAGA-hat-wearing sore-loser dipshit who thinks beating a cop with a flagpole is an appropriate reaction to losing an election. - Jeff Tiedrich

Congratulations MAGA evangelicals! By undermining the vaccine and mask mandates you've stopped the US recovery dead, undermined the economy all to undermine Biden. It worked! Hospitals are overflowing, children are dying, and Biden is being blamed for your successful treason. - Frank Schaeffer tweet

CNN Has Turned Into FOX-LITE, Officially.

CNN is a shell of its former self. - Matt Murphy

If a brown guy had showed up at the Capitol with a bomb instead of a white guy, they'd already be screaming at Biden for not invading Afghanistan. - BlackKnight10K

One of America’s two political parties is explicitly supportive of white supremacist domestic terrorism and the mostly white, mostly male, media refuses to cover that seriously. - Kaivan Shroff tweet


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1000 yrs from now the found footage of Marjorie Taylor Greene is going to completely explain our near-extinction. - lanechanged tweet

Christian conservatives didn’t have a problem promoting masks in the 1980s

Rock The Voter News

Comedy Legend Larry David was seen screaming at vile pervert Alan Dershowitz in a Martha’s Vinyard grocery store over his ties to Agolf Twitler and MAGA.

Shoot this into my veins so many times. - Ricky Davila

Jake Tapper Has Evolved Into A Judgmental Journalist That Lacks The Chops
CNN’s Jake Tapper responded to one Twitter user who made it known they are “fed up” with his network’s coverage, and in doing so, seemed to take digs at MSNBC and Fox News for not critically covering Democrats and Republicans, respectively. Tapper later deleted his tweets.

Jake Tapper Is Perfecting The Tucker Carlson Gaze

fascinating numbers from Andrew Tyndall. 

From 2015 through 2019 this is how many minutes network news covered Afghanistan: 

ABC: 16
CBS: 25
NBC: 16

less than on hour of coverage, total, over five years. - Eric Boehlert tweet


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Business/Tech News
The US MUST give asylum to anyone who wants to leave Afghanistan.

Not bc it's the moral option
Not bc immigration helps America
or bc they might 1 day vote Democratic;

No, America needs
to do the right thing
bc it'll deeply enrage
Tucker Carlson 
& the rest of the racists
Amen. - John Fugelsang

American Airlines Extends Alcohol Ban 
American Airlines will not begin serving alcohol again in the main cabin of flights until at least January 2022 amid a surge in unruly passenger incidents during the coronavirus pandemic, the company confirmed to The Hill on Thursday.

How long until Trump defends the Capitol truck bomber? - William LeGate



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