Thursday, July 8, 2021

Arizona secretary of state asks for investigation into possible election interference by Trump, Giuliani

Arizona secretary of state asks for investigation into possible election interference by Trump, Giuliani
Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs on Wednesday called for the state's attorney general to investigate possible efforts by former President Trump, his lawyer Rudy Giuliani and others to pressure Maricopa County election officials during vote-counting in November.

What do Trump, Giuliani, and Dershowitz have in common? 
They were all friends of Jeffrey Epstein.

The World Is A Safer Place Without Republicans

Coronavirus Variant Excited To Compete With World’s Top Mutations In Tokyo This Summer - The Onion


Evidence Seized From Capitol Rioter: Lego Set of Capitol
The Smoking Gun has a report out on accused rioter Robert Morss and the violent actions he allegedly committed against police officers as he and others breached the Capitol’s Lower West Terrace. According to court documents obtained by the outlet, the FBI seized evidence from Morss’ home after placing him under arrest, and one of the most curious items they confiscated was “a fully constructed U.S. Capitol LEGO set.”

Trump Sues Eighty-one Million Voters for Banning Him from White House. - Andy Borowitz


Republican Shenanigans

BREAKING: Rudy Giuliani has been suspended from watching Law & Order. - Lance Cooper

Texas GOP Trying As Hard As They Can To Limit Voting!
Republican Gov. Greg Abbott on Wednesday began a hurried second attempt to toughen election laws in Texas, weeks after Democrats’ dramatic walkout from the state Capitol thwarted one of America’s most restrictive voting measures.

You guys are very confused if you think Republicans are trying to win the next election....nosiree...they are setting it up to "overturn" the next election. - Billysthought tweet



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Rock The Voter News

Trump Files Bias Lawsuit Against Facebook, Twitter and Spellcheck. - Andy Borowitz

Say What? The FBI Assisted In a Kidnapping. Did Barr Approve That?
The FBI assisted United Arab Emirates Prime Minister Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum with a 2018 plot to kidnap his own daughter, according to a new report.

Republicans: "You can't tell us what to do with our bodies."

Also Republicans: "Women can't do that with their bodies." - Middle Age Riot



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Business/Tech News

I think Trump finally discovered that with his company facing a series of indictments and unending scrutiny, that it's going to be difficult to get new loans and to launder dirty money. Cash has to come from somewhere so it's no wonder he's fundraising off of frivolous lawsuits. - BlackKnight10K tweet


Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis Plans To Let Florida's Buildings Rot & Property Values, Too!

I Googled 'Worst Possible Name to Give Child' and came up with 'Adolph Judas Kardashian-Trump.' - John Fugelsang

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