Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Extreme heat in the West could break 200 records and produce temps up to 127 degrees

About 200 million people are projected to experience temperatures over 90 degrees over the next seven days, and 40 million over 100 degrees.

Stay safe!

It's not a heat wave.  
It's a heat tide.
And it will keep rising. - TweetOfGod


The World Is A Safer Place Without Republicans

Unlike Trump, when Biden steps into the ring with Putin, we know he hasn't been paid to take a dive. - Middle Age Riot


It's Only A Matter Of Time Before Mickey Mouse Takes A Bullet

For every Texan who is currently being advised to not wash your clothes or use your oven, remember this: Texas Republicans just spent the legislative session restricting voting, abortion access and allowing permitless carry, but passed NOTHING that would immediately help end blackouts. - Parker Butler


Republican Shenanigans

It’s amazing to me that the same person who wants critical-race theory banned, didn’t know the Holocaust was bad until visiting a museum. - Travis Akers


Marjorie Taylor Greene Continues The Honored Tradition of Trump Word Salad

Oh, and Happy 75th Birthday to the former star of “Celebrity Apprentice” who was fired from his own show for his racism. - John Fugelsang



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So the electric grid in Texas doesn't work when it's hot or when it's cold. The hell does it even do? - BlackKnight10K



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Business/Tech News

Roger Waters kicked Zuckerberg right in the Facebook. - Radio Justice tweet


Biden Axes Trump's Wall, Probably Because Mexico Never Paid For It!
The Government Accountability Office (GAO) on Tuesday ruled that President Biden’s move to freeze border wall funds did not violate budgetary law, angering Republicans.

With the agreement reached on the Airbus-Boeing dispute, American tariffs on French products, including wine, have been lifted. These are the first results of our new relationship with our American partners. This is effective cooperation. This is good news for our wine producers! - Emmanuel Macron, President of France


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